Video Blog Episode 03: Directing Your Own Care

Directing your own care.

Life in a wheelchair isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. We are a few decades into the American with Disability Act (ADA) and society has adapted to the wheelchair world. This wasn’t possible without people speaking their minds and we shouldn’t stop advocating for ourselves. Directing your own care is the most important thing a wheelchair user can do to make life easier and safer.

People don’t know your personal ability level so if you need help over a curb, upstairs or transferring use your voice. This is something I learned during my rehabilitation and took it home with me. We aren’t super heroes so reading your mind isn’t going to happen. Direct your own care.

Video Blog Episode 02: Embracing Your Uniqueness


In the second episode in our video blog series, Matthew Tilford discusses embracing the uniqueness of being in a wheelchair. It’s easy to look back at the life you had before acquiring a disability and think of all the things you took advantage of. But even after suffering a spinal cord injury, it’s best to stay positive and focus on what you can do!

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Video Blog Episode 01: Staying Active After a Spinal Cord Injury

Matthew Tilford discusses how he stays active post-SCI, and offers advice for how those that are newly injured can do the same.

Importance of Complex Rehab Technologies Video

NCART Video – Complex Rehab Technologies, What Is It?

To family, friends and acquaintances who are outside of the Complex Rehab Technology industry: For over 25 years, I have had the privilege to work in an industry that creates products that improve the lifestyles and livelihoods of those who are unable to stand or walk- simple things that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. Unfortunately, few outside of this environment truly understand exactly what complex rehab technologies are until they themselves or someone they love must use this technology.

I suggest taking 11 minutes and 39 seconds of your life to better understand what we in this industry do to help those with disabilities lead more active, normal and healthier lives. Take a moment to glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities. To understand Read more

Play Holiday Movie Trivia!

Happy Holidays from Altimate Medical! To help get everyone into the holiday spirit we are hosting “Holiday Movie Trivia” on our Facebook page. Visit our page between December 12th and the 22nd for the new “Question of the Day”. Each video trivia question stars an employee right here at EasyStand! Read more

Paraplegic transfers and stands

Video Blogger Shows Quick Assembly of EasyStand Evolv

At industry trade shows we have the ability to meet some of our customers face-to-face, a rewarding experience indeed. At the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Angulo, a video blogger, dad of three, EasyStand Evolv user, and paraplegic following a motorcycle accident.

Andrew has several great videos on this YouTube Channel and website Here is a video that he recently posted. It’s an animated look at the EasyStand assembly process starting right from the beginning when his two large EasyStand boxes were delivered, and ending with Andrew transferring and standing up for the first time in his new Evolv stander! Pretty cool!

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Christopher Reeves Sesame Street

Christopher Reeve: ABC’s on Sesame Street (Video)

Kids of all abilities will enjoy this short video from the 2000 Season of Sesame Street, showing Ernie, rubber ducky, and Christopher Reeve saying the ABC’s. If you like this video, you are sure to also like the video where Christopher Reeve talks about his wheelchair on Sesame Street.

Wheelchair: Bad for the Bones (Video)

Last week hundreds of bikers traveled to Sturgis, one of the biggest motorcycle rallies of the year! Riding hundreds of miles on a motorcycle can be hard on the body, so many of them take measures to increase comfort. Some bikers buy special motorcycle cushions (did you know that the same company that makes Roho wheelchair cushions also makes motorcycle seats?). Others do exactly what anyone who has been on their bottom too long does, and stops along the way to stand up and stretch out.

Sitting in a wheelchair is somewhat similar to motorcycling, it can be “Bad for the Bones” and other parts of the body, but in many cases standing can help. Check out this video featuring none other than Shawn Dean…and yes you have probably read a few of Shawn’s posts right here on the EasyStand Blog.

In this video “Wheelchair: Bad for the Bone” he tells his story on what he would have done different after his SCI rehab had he known he was vulnerable to Osteoporosis.

What benefits have you seen from standing? Did you start standing soon after rehab?

Sing-Along with Kinderman

Here is John “Kinderman” Taylor singing along with kids who have special needs at a unique center for children with disabilities. The Kinderman uses music therapy to help develop young minds by singing about friendship, colors, and movement! Our little friend, Sarah, is using the EasyStand Bantam stander in this video, and her school staff told us about Sarah’s standing program in this video – “Standing in an Academic Setting”. Often when kids who use wheelchairs stand up in a standing frame, they can sing, communicate, and access instruments better!

HopeAbilities! Videos

Together with Hope (a 5 year old girl with a disability) and her teacher, Mrs. B, kids of all abilities can learn while having fun! Check out all the episodes of HopeAbilities, each featuring a letter of the day, creative project for kids, and how parents and teachers can make it a learning experience.

Letter S: Sensory Sand Tray

Letter H: Name Art for Kids

Letter V: Make a Volcano

Letter C: Fun with Clay

Letter F: Hand Print Flower

Letter P: Creative Painting