Deal with Snow Like a Champ

When it snows and the blizzards do their thing, I freak out. As a wheelchair-user, I know getting through snow is one of the hardest things to pull off. Our four wheels just weren’t made to get through snow. So until a presto chango wheelchair that turns into skis is invented, I gotta be smarter than the average bear. And so do you. With a few things to remember, it can be easy to show the snow who’s boss, and even better, not get stuck. Here are my favorites! Read more

Survive a Minnesota Winter From Your Wheelchair (And Live to Tell About It)

I’m the quadriplegic version of Laura Ingalls. I’ve experienced more than 1,350 “classic Upper Midwest” winter days as a wheelchair-user, and experience-wise, it’s everything you might imagine it is. There’s bitterly cold temperatures and legs that seemingly never warm up if you dare venture out, there’s black ice and ice-rink roads, and yes (in case you were wondering), I get stranded all of the time. But despite the obvious problems, I not only survive this hash climate, I love my life here. Read more