Sports: The Great Equalizer

Sports: The Great Equalizer

Summer and fall are my two favorite times of the year for sports. I love baseball and football. What beats watching the game on tv with a bunch of friends and family over eating junk food? Seeing that game live in person. I don’t know what it is about sitting in a crowded stadium that gets me going. A hot dog made from who knows what, a cold beer, and peanuts. Life doesn’t get much better than those moments watching your favorite team put the smack down on someone and score. Read more

Adapted Sports for Wheelchair Users

Wild New Wheelchair Sports

What’s your favorite adaptive sport? Wheelchair basketball, quad rugby, mono-skiing? Or are you into the less make-you-sweat sports like adapted pool or archery? Whatever you’re into, there’s more than likely a wheelchair version of it. And if there isn’t one yet, just wait it out a few months. More adapted sports than EVER before are being created. We are in the adapted sport golden age. Read more


Wheelchair Summer Camp: Best Thing to Happen to Me

There have been a few big moments that have transformed my outlook on living with a disability (because to be honest; when I was first injured I couldn’t find anything that gave me hope).

Getting my first power wheelchair after my accident was one of these big deals. It helped me feel free after months of being confined to a bed. I wasn’t walking again, but I was going where I wanted to when I wanted to; my mind was no longer going stir crazy and I no longer felt limited mobility-wise. Was I happy in that moment, flying down the rehab hallway in my brand new powerchair? More than words can describe.

The next huge moment was just as unexpected (because who would find that much joy sitting in a wheelchair?) wheelchair summer camp; or to be more specific Camp Courage. Read more

Wheelchair Dance For Kids

You Too Can Dance!

Do you use a wheelchair and think dancing is off-limits because you can’t walk? Wheelchair-users of all levels have been getting in on the fun on the dance floor and you can too. All it takes is getting rid of shyness, a great smile and of course, practice. There are loads of awesome dances and moves that work great if you use a wheelchair. From ballroom dancing to hip-hop, you can wheelchair dance. Read more

Beating the Monotony of Life in a wheelchair

Beating the Monotony of Everyday Life

Let’s face it. Humans have a tendency to get bored fast. Too fast! We think we’re superior to animals when it comes to this all-important personality trait (after all – we are the smartest mammal on the planet), but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much of the sameness this girl can take, and the not-walking thing isn’t helping. Read more