Dealing with Changes

Dealing With Changes

Dealing with a major life change is a hard thing for anyone to get through despite support. My family has been wonderful in supporting my husband as we walk into new ground. My children feel safe and secure even though they worry about daddy. Read more

Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse

Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse

Warning: This post contains information about sexual assault that some readers may find disturbing. Rates of abuse are higher among those living with disabilities. In an effort to raise awareness about this very serious issue, Jessie has written a special series on sexual abuse that will be published over the coming months.

As survivors of sexual abuse we have been violated in the most inhumane of ways. Our dignity, power, and a piece of our minds was stolen with our peace of mind. We are forever left wondering why us. We wonder what we could have done differently and that answer is nothing. Predators do not need a reason, only a target. Read more

Empathy: A Short Q & A With the Voices in My Head

So, let’s start this off with a nice light discussion of psychosocial issues.

I’m a big fan of Stephen King. Not because I’m a horror junkie, or because of any psychotic tendencies or mental illness that I’ve experienced following the trauma of spinal cord injury (side note: I acknowledge the unfortunate reality of this for some). Rather, I’m a proponent of, and relate with, the terror-evoking author’s acknowledgment of life’s yin and yang. Read more

My Story of my Daughter’s MS Diagnosis

My Story of My Daughter’s MS Diagnosis

I got the call at the end of my daughter’s second week of her freshman year in college. She told me that her feet and legs had been going numb. Knowing my daughter doesn’t complain when she’s hurt or sick, and that she is very independent, I knew something was not right. Read more

Pet Ownership for Those with Disabilities

Pet Ownership for Those with Disabilities

Owning a pet can bring great joy into your life as well as a good bit of responsibility considering that all living creatures require care and have needs to be met. Nonetheless there is a pet out there fit for everyone if you’re interested in an animal companion. Owning a pet also provides hidden health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure. They provide constant companionship and unconditional love. The question becomes what pet is right for you, your home, and your lifestyle. Cats and dogs are the most interactive of the popular pet choices so that is what I will be covering today. Read more

Technicolor Dreams in a Black and White World

Technicolor Dreams in a Black and White World

Sometimes I dream of the perfect blog post. And then I wake up. Read more

Why I Go to Therapy: It Helps

Why I Go to Therapy: It Helps

This week we’re sharing another post by Jessie+Luke‘s oldest daughter Isabella.

Hi it is Isabella again! Today I want to talk about my experience with therapy. I started going to see a therapist after my mom got sick and it helps me a lot. Sometimes I do not want to talk to my parents about my feelings because I do not want to add to their stress. It hurts a lot when you have a sick mom or dad. I could not do anything to help make her better. I sat and watched her getting sicker from chemotherapy and I did not understand why the medicines made her sick when it was supposed to make her better. I watched my dad get sadder every day because of it. I thought she was going to leave me and I cried whenever I was alone in my room. My dad cried a lot too and that made it even harder for me to think that she was going to get better. Read more

Ginormous Sadness and It's All Mine

Ginormous Sadness and It’s All Mine

As I sit in the waiting room waiting for Gunnar, yep, not Roa but Gunnar’s therapy, I feel just plain sad. I know… you’ve heard it already. You know the deal, feel the same, or can only imagine. Read more

Empowering My Children With Special Needs

Empowering Children With Special Needs

I could not be more proud of my children. My life is constantly on the move as the mother of three beautiful girls.  There are lessons, play dates, and clothing does not last long in this house. There is the constant shopping for a teenage daughter whom is quickly approaching six feet tall. Bella is outgrowing everything at an alarming rate. Tay is constantly wearing out the knees of her pants or destroying them climbing trees. The baby is eating more and more solids and staining clothing faster than I can keep her closet replaced. She’s quite the messy screaming eater and very handy with getting her own spoon into the mix and flinging it around the house. Read more