Physical Therapy Must-Have Equipment: EasyStand Bantam

The Bantam as a Bench

Necessity is the mother of using equipment for other than its originally intended purpose.

When our Early Childhood Education building was being remodeled, things had to be shuffled around and put in storage. We got to play our own little version of the, “If your workplace was on fire (and there were of course no darling preschoolers in the building to consider), what items would you save?” My EasyStand Bantam stander was at the top of the list, of course. Read more

Standing Device Funding Guide - EasyStand Bantam

NCART Releases Standing Device Funding Guide

With over hundreds of research studies on standing and weight bearing you would think that both private and public healthcare payer sources would fund Standing Devices without a second thought. Unfortunately, in today’s ever shrinking insurance coverage and payment arena that is not the case. In fact, decreasing coverage and payment for standing devices is exactly why the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART)‘s Standing Device Workgroup was formed to create the Standing Device Funding Guide. Read more

Video Blog Episode 01: Staying Active After a Spinal Cord Injury

Matthew Tilford discusses how he stays active post-SCI, and offers advice for how those that are newly injured can do the same.


Have a Seat? No thanks, I’ll Stand!

I look outside and see the wheelchair that just sits….next to the scooter and the barely used patio set outside the sliding glass door of our townhouse. Further in the scene, is Gunnar, age 2½, climbing the ladder to the slide while together, Daddy and Roa make the loop around the climbing equipment. Read more

Matthew Tilford

Stand For Your Future

Hello my fellow standers,

I’d like to introduce myself as this is my first blog for EasyStand. I’m Matthew Tilford and if you are an Easystand Facebook friend, you might remember me from my “standing and sanding” picture I posted to the page. By the way, I apologize to all the men out there that were hounded by their wives for not fixing things out of a wheelchair users reach. If I can’t find a way to fix those out of reach things, my wife will find a way and my EasyStand is usually involved. Read more


Caroline is my kind of fighter!

I was lamenting not being able to move my fingers the other day, and then I ran across Caroline Lanctot. When she was 10 months old, she was in a car accident that left her a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic.

Read more

Educational CEU Seminar on Standing by EasyStand

“Standing Justified” Educational Seminar

Last week we kicked off our new 2012 educational seminar “Standing Justified” in Dallas, Texas. We were excited to have over 50 clinicians and rehab technology suppliers in attendance! “Standing Justified” is a CEU accredited program on standing and weight bearing that explores the health complications and cost resulting from immobility. Read more

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury - Pain and Spasticity

Complete vs. Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Normally when people are asked which they would prefer complete or incomplete, without knowing what the rest of the question is, most people would say that they prefer complete. They would like a complete car repair and would not like an incomplete heart surgery. But when a person is recovering from a spinal cord injury and the doctor tells them they have an incomplete spinal cord injury, the news is received with hope and joy.

This can be good news because there is hope for recovery and improved outcomes, but for some, this diagnosis can result in added hardship. Read more

Prescribing standing frames on an individual basis.

Who’s Responsible When Funding is Denied?

A while back I spoke with a nurse case manager about the need for a stander for her client. After a lengthy discussion about the individual’s medical justification; the nurse case manager informed me that standers turned into coat racks, and thus this payer program should not cover them. Further into my conversation with the nurse case manager, I found out that she had run into the “coat rack” situation one time on a home visit. There was no medical reasoning for the client not using the stander just that the client didn’t get around to it. This one incident of poor follow through, by one client, had a profound effect on the nurse case manager’s thoughts and decisions about standers for all of her clients. Read more

My Excitement At The Kids Sports Spectacular

As I travel almost every week, I value my weekends and this was especially true last week as I was traveling through DC, MD, PA, and OH. But this Saturday I was fortunate to participate in the Kids Sports Spectacular 2011, hosted by United Spinal Association, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. This is a day where kids with disabilities can participate in a large variety of sports and other activities in the arena where the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey and 76ers Basketball Teams play. The kids even had lunch up in the VIP Suite. I have not seen so many kids with such big smiles, all day. Read more