A Conversation With My Daughter's Boyfriend

A Conversation With My Daughter’s Boyfriend

I was sitting and talking with Bella’s boyfriend and he had several questions to ask my about injury. This young boy has recently turned 17 and is quite mature for his age. He asked me if I could describe the feeling of paralysis and I had him do the finger experiment. He asked about various sensation levels. He asked if it felt anything like you’d experience with a limb falling asleep with the pins and needles sensations. Before all of this he asked me if it would be okay to have an open conversation about my SCI. He has a genuine fascination with all things medical and wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a veterinarian. Read more


Shaking Hands

Because I have such a high level injury, I am unable to move anything below the C1/C2 level. This is why I require a ventilator for breathing and 24 hr nursing care to assist me with my needs. Besides the obvious health and safety implications, having an injury this high also creates a few social obstacles that I have yet to figure out. Read more