Body Shaming People with Disabilities

Body Shaming

Body shaming is a huge problem in our society and it comes in multiple forms. The fact is that no two people have the same shape, nor were we meant to all look the same. You’re too tall, short, fat, thin, dark, light, or have a physical difference. I don’t know why society feels it is okay to make people think there is something wrong with them. Being a cancer patient I am underweight. I’m also naturally extremely small to begin with. When I’m out with my family and we stop to eat I am very particular because I have to be that way. I have celiac disease and eating any gluten will cause my intestines to swell shut from my stomach. I won’t get into the details, but it’s pretty darn gross and extremely painful. This condition will last for days all from eating one cracker or piece of bread. I’m also a vegan and my food options are limited by choice. There is nothing worse than standing in line and hearing someone behind us snickering about how I’m clearly suffering from an eating disorder and need to eat a cheeseburger. No! I’m sorry that my small stature offends some people. I understand that it has been a problem in society for people who are overweight to feel judged and teased. How is anyone fixing the problem by telling me I have an eating disorder? I’ve often been told that men want meat and not a bone. Men want curves on their women. Hey people, I still have curves, they are only smaller. Read more

What is Attraction and Beauty

What is Attraction and Beauty?

What is beauty and how do we define it? Is it a group of physical characteristics? Is it the heart of someone that makes them beautiful? Is it a certain size or body type? Society places an enormous amount of importance on the physical appearance. Of course we all want to be considered attractive, but the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder is completely true. Beauty is like fine art and is subjective to one’s own personal tastes. Read more

What My Accident Has Taken

What My Accident Has Taken

In the past few years I have learned the importance of a positive attitude in life. I always seek out the lessons to be learned from tragedy and my mistakes. But life isn’t all sugar and sweetness no matter how many times I want to see it that way. What has my accident taken away from me? A lot. Read more

Empowering My Children With Special Needs

Empowering Children With Special Needs

I could not be more proud of my children. My life is constantly on the move as the mother of three beautiful girls.  There are lessons, play dates, and clothing does not last long in this house. There is the constant shopping for a teenage daughter whom is quickly approaching six feet tall. Bella is outgrowing everything at an alarming rate. Tay is constantly wearing out the knees of her pants or destroying them climbing trees. The baby is eating more and more solids and staining clothing faster than I can keep her closet replaced. She’s quite the messy screaming eater and very handy with getting her own spoon into the mix and flinging it around the house. Read more

Disabilities and Feeling Attactive

Disabilities and Feeling Attractive

What makes you feel physically desirable? Do you feel good about your body? Do you still feel sexy? Those can be tough questions to answer when you’re living with a disability. Read more

I Can Feel You Staring as I Roll By

I Can Feel You Staring as I Roll By

Can you feel it too? Every time I leave my place and venture out in to big scary public, there’s always one thing that consistently happens – I get started at, and it happens a lot. It’s an overwhelming feeling, feeling like you’re being put on display just when you’re grabbing some milk, but when you’re rolling on four wheels it’s hard not to get noticed. Read more

How Do You Fight the "You're Not Good Enough" Voice?

How Do You Fight the “You’re Not Good Enough” Voice?

Even after almost 23 years of living life as a quadriplegic, I am still struggling with an issue I am definitely not proud of – my self-esteem. I have my good days, my bad days, even my good years and bad years, but when you get around using four wheels instead of two legs, things get a little more hairy. Read more

Don't Let My Wheelchair Bring You Down

Don’t Let My Wheelchair Bring You Down

After a spinal cord injury, they tell you to get over the fact you use a wheelchair and get used to your life. This obviously is easier said than done, but it’s especially difficult when the whole world equates your wheelchair with everything the opposite you’re not trying to fight – dependency, inability and unhappiness. Read more

Women who use wheelchairs wear high heels

Why I Still Wear Heels

Love them or hate ’em, high heels are one of the most powerful styles of shoes in existence. They have the power to transform a woman from ho-hum into beatific, to stop a man dead in his tracks. And more than aesthetics, heels carry a symbolism that can empower women with disabilities, and give us one of the best feelings we can have – confidence. Here is why I fell in love with high heels after my injury. Read more

One Wheelchair User Channels Her Inner Mermaid

We are the Landlocked Mermaids

When Ursula sent Ariel out of the sea and onto land, she was lucky – she got a pair of magical legs that sprouted out of nowhere (where can I get a pair of those?). But in reality we all know what would happen if a mermaid was stuck on land – yup, she’d be rolling in high-style in a wheelchair (with water and fish decals on her wheels). It’s the only logical solution to her no-leg predicament really (other than being carried). And I must say, the mental image of her rolling around on wheels makes my soul really happy. Read more