Spotting Seizures

An email arrived from a patient’s parent the other day about her two-year-old child who, “has been having periods of spaciness at school… like she will just look off…. But yesterday she was play play play chatter chatter chatter then bam suddenly super lethargic and tired…. After about 10 minutes she was back to play play play chatter chatter dance dance all of that.” Read more

My favorite adapted cooking gadgets

Holy cow. Thanksgiving is nearly here, which means Christmas will be here before we know it. What do the holidays mean to you? For some they represent family, for others it’s the vacation time and for me? It’s all about the food. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook all year round, but I really look forward to cooking (and gorging) on my holiday favorites.

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Save a buck with DIY adaptive products

I would love to see Red Green do an episode on adaptive products. If you have no idea who I’m talking about, he’s a goofy Canadian guy on TV who’s addicted to DIY fixes. Duct tape is his best friend, and he refuses to go to anybody for anything he needs. He makes everything. Read more


It’s All About You

After my program recently moved to a new location, some of our favorite sayings were hung in new places. Looking up from my desk, for instance, I see, “No one cares how much you know.” Don’t worry, that’s not the whole saying, just the result of unfortunate bulletin board placement. The full phrase I see when I stand up is:

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Read more

standing frame, stander, ti wheelchair, tisport

A Home Standing Program When Leaving SCI Rehab?

When we talk to our customers who have a spinal cord injury, we always hear about how they “used an EasyStand in rehab” or “stood in rehab.” It’s wonderful that Spinal Cord Injury Centers are establishing inpatient standing program for people with TBI and SCI, but what happens when the newly injured person leaves rehab? Some people are not prescribed a standing frame for home use, even though it is usually the best time to begin standing. A standing program should not end when inpatient rehab ends. To reap the long-term health benefits of standing, a standing frame must be prescribed for daily use. Read more

Without my Wheelchair Friends, I’d Be No Where

They say dog is a man’s best friend, but since I’ve had my disability, I’ve found my best friends are the disabled ones. There’s nothing like having a friend who knows exactly where you’re coming from and the road you’re on. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this immediately. I avoided anyone in a wheelchair, in fact. I felt like I didn’t belong to that “group” of people. Little did I know that such a great thing was before me, if I would only give it a chance.

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Our Veterans Deserve To Stand

We’ve been hearing from many paralyzed veterans lately who are either unaware of the equipment they are entitled to or are being unfairly denied equipment they deserve. Veterans, if you’re reading this, please fight for what you deserve.

DeMarlon Pollard is a T4-5 paraplegic who got an EasyStand several years ago, prescribed by his therapist, and paid for by his VA Hospital. Now he can’t imagine life without it. “As a veteran who was fortunate enough to have a stander prescribed for me by my therapist, I could not imagine life without my EasyStand. Having a stander at home has greatly increased my quality of life.” Read more

Schools: Understand Benefits of Buying Assistive Technology Locally

Are you a PT, OT, or paraprofessional working at a school? Or maybe you are a special ed teacher or buyer? Even if you are the principal or the janitor, you may be interested in what I am about to tell you. This is not a secret or new information. In fact, we have been trying to help connect the school personnel to local rehab suppliers for over a decade. Read more

adjusting footplates on EasyStand Evolv

Hands-On Standing Workshop at ISS

EasyStand and Permobil will be joining forces to present a workshop for therapists and complex rehab suppliers at the International Seating Symposium in Nashville TN on March 3rd. The Symposium alternates between Canada and the United States every year, and is regarded as the leading continuing education event for the complex rehab industry. Amy (Meyer) Morgan, PT, ATP and I, will be talking about the importance of standing for children and adults to improve health, independence and quality of life for individuals that use wheelchairs. This works well, because Permobil is the leading provider of wheelchairs that have a standing capability and EasyStand is the leading manufacturer of standing frames for people that need more features, positioning and require longer standing time to build endurance. Read more

easytand bantam stander

Standing Activity: Sleeping?

I have heard of people falling asleep in their stander and here is proof! Max’s mom, Deana said Max snoozed for about ten minutes in his EasyStand Bantam after a grueling Monday of school and physical therapy. I guess that means he was pretty relaxed? Read more