Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2016 Pageant

My Journey to the Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2016 Pageant

In 2011, I had the honor of being crowned Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota. This amazing experience gave me more confidence as a speaker and person. I also got the chance to inspire others by speaking to all ages and attending events with my crown and sash. I was able to take my first plane ride since my accident to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the national competition. I won 4th runner-up out of 26 contestants from various states. Read more

Ms Wheelchair Minnesota 2015 Angelique Lele

Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2015 Pageant

The mission of the Ms. Wheelchair America Program Inc. is to provide an opportunity for women of achievement who utilize wheelchairs to successfully educate and advocate for individuals with disabilities.  This is an experience that can help them achieve their goals and show others they are the person they know themselves to be. The purpose of the Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota Pageant is to focus public attention on the abilities and accomplishments since the onset of disability of today’s women. Read more

“And the Winner is…” Judging Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota

My most recent blog post, if you’ve been reading my posts, was dripping with excitement about being asked to judge Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota; an honor that certainly made me proud.

Jenni Taylor, a friend of mine, Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2011, and a board member of Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota, needed judges, and I was a natural fit because of my writing experience on disability issues. Read more

Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota

Excited to Judge Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota

On March 31st, a very exciting thing will be happening in my life – I will be judging the Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota pageant. Commence the sparkly dress search. Read more