Jenni Taylor Speaking

Showcasing “Abilities” While Having a Disability

The word disability might mean something different depending on who you ask. To me, I consider myself as having a disability but I’m not disabled. Although I have limitations due to my injury, I have abilities as well. I have the ability to speak my mind; the ability to choose the way I want to live my life. I have the ability to access whatever means it takes to show people that “I am me” despite my disability. It doesn’t define who I am as a person or individual. Read more

Meet Paralyzed Ecuadorian Vice President Lenin Moreno

So here’s a cool piece of trivia: It recently came to my attention that the Vice President of Ecuador is a paraplegic. I LOVE to hear about politicians with disabilities – FDR, the Mayor of Vancouver. It is awesome to see someone with a disability being respected and with power. What can I say? We need more of it! And VP Lenin Moreno, 58, is showing just how its done; helping his fellow disabled brothers and sisters in a country that once shunned disability, but now thanks to Moreno, is slowly changing. Read more