Complete Guide to Special Needs/Educational Apps

With over 300,000 apps it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of app choices. It’s also easy to spend a small fortune on a lot of useless apps. As a special needs parent I wanted to get right to the “good stuff” and figured you did too. This guide breaks down the best of the apps by skill set so you can easily find and buy apps that most benefit your child. Included are apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and some Android apps. Get started right now by clicking on a category. Read on to learn How to pick great apps and What’s on my iPad? Read more

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs

UPDATE: Please check out our follow up post, “iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs, Part II” for a more recent list of the best apps for children with special needs!

The iPad has gotten a lot of people excited. There are many different ways an iPad can be used as a tool for educators and students (of all abilities) to use in the classroom, as well as fun and learning at home, too! A great way to combine iPad education and fun with physical therapy is to have kids who normally use wheelchairs to stand up in a standing frame while playing iPad like Max. Often kids who use wheelchairs like to do activities in their stander that able-bodied kids may do while sitting down, so iPad time is a great opportunity to get some weight bearing in their standing frame. Let’s take a look at a few applications that are fun and stimulating for kids with special needs (they are all FREE unless noted): Read more