Before You Share That Article

Before You Share That Article

As prom season approaches I have to hold my breath and prepare for the inevitable headlines. “FRIEND TAKES DISABLED FRIEND TO PROM!” This is what I and others in the disabled community refer to as inspiration porn. It’s a little bit of a stark term, I know and that is because it’s one way to bring across the point of objectivizing disabled individuals. It’s everywhere. I’ve been known to use the term “comparison” a lot, and once again, I get comments asking for further clarification. This, in my opinion, is how you can determine whether or not you’re sharing something that may make someone uncomfortable: Read more

Jenni Taylor Speaking

Showcasing “Abilities” While Having a Disability

The word disability might mean something different depending on who you ask. To me, I consider myself as having a disability but I’m not disabled. Although I have limitations due to my injury, I have abilities as well. I have the ability to speak my mind; the ability to choose the way I want to live my life. I have the ability to access whatever means it takes to show people that “I am me” despite my disability. It doesn’t define who I am as a person or individual. Read more

Inspirational Porn

The Spotlight on the Term “Inspirational Porn”

I read an article yesterday that was really downing the disability-focused television ads that aired during the Super Bowl last weekend. I was rather shocked as the headline read:

“Inspiration porn is not okay”: Disability activists are not impressed with feel-good Super Bowl ads

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