Push Girls - Reality TV Series helps those with spinal cord injuries

Push Girls: Reality TV Finally Finds Us

Push Girls premiered last Monday, the new reality show on the Sundance channel profiling four “hot babes” in wheelchairs. As a babe in a wheelchair myself (hey I’ve been called that), this show is the televised messiah I’ve been waiting for.

The show’s premise – showing the world that you can still be beautiful, have a full life, a great job, have men that want you, and still drive a fabulous car (has been my personal goal since my injury). You have no idea how frustrating it is for people to be shocked when you can achieve any of these things. A “push girl,” so say the shows producers, keeps on pushing despite anything that comes her way. I kinda like it. Read more


Wheelchair Summer Camp: Best Thing to Happen to Me

There have been a few big moments that have transformed my outlook on living with a disability (because to be honest; when I was first injured I couldn’t find anything that gave me hope).

Getting my first power wheelchair after my accident was one of these big deals. It helped me feel free after months of being confined to a bed. I wasn’t walking again, but I was going where I wanted to when I wanted to; my mind was no longer going stir crazy and I no longer felt limited mobility-wise. Was I happy in that moment, flying down the rehab hallway in my brand new powerchair? More than words can describe.

The next huge moment was just as unexpected (because who would find that much joy sitting in a wheelchair?) wheelchair summer camp; or to be more specific Camp Courage. Read more

Benefits of standing and standing frame activities.

Why Do You Stand? Please Give Us Your Thoughts…

When you have a wheelchair, it is obvious what it is for and what you do with it. When someone is using a stander for a standing program, the reasons they give for standing can vary greatly. Sometimes the obvious reason may not be the main reason why that specific individual participates. For instance, I run in the woods on trails almost every day. People might think that I do this for physical purposes, like good health, but my real reason is more mental, to eliminate stress by getting away from the city.

I have met some people that stand consistently every morning for breakfast Read more