Resources for Spinal Cord Injury

Why New Injuries Have It Better Than We Did

When I found myself a new quadriplegic in 1993, I was told the resources and equipment available to me were the best yet. And they were…for 1993. But that was 18 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. People finding themselves injured now have access to so much more, from better treatment options when they’re first hurt to amazing new wheelchairs and other devices (like amped up standing frames) that take mobility to new heights. And this blog you’re reading is an example of the biggest thing new injuries have – the internet. Read more

Importance of Complex Rehab Technologies Video

NCART Video – Complex Rehab Technologies, What Is It?

To family, friends and acquaintances who are outside of the Complex Rehab Technology industry: For over 25 years, I have had the privilege to work in an industry that creates products that improve the lifestyles and livelihoods of those who are unable to stand or walk- simple things that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. Unfortunately, few outside of this environment truly understand exactly what complex rehab technologies are until they themselves or someone they love must use this technology.

I suggest taking 11 minutes and 39 seconds of your life to better understand what we in this industry do to help those with disabilities lead more active, normal and healthier lives. Take a moment to glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities. To understand Read more

Paraplegic transfers and stands

Video Blogger Shows Quick Assembly of EasyStand Evolv

At industry trade shows we have the ability to meet some of our customers face-to-face, a rewarding experience indeed. At the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Angulo, a video blogger, dad of three, EasyStand Evolv user, and paraplegic following a motorcycle accident.

Andrew has several great videos on this YouTube Channel and website Here is a video that he recently posted. It’s an animated look at the EasyStand assembly process starting right from the beginning when his two large EasyStand boxes were delivered, and ending with Andrew transferring and standing up for the first time in his new Evolv stander! Pretty cool!

Read more

Top 10 Disability Video Blog Posts

man with video camera

Who doesn’t like a good video?!?!

I always enjoy reading blog posts that include a funny, informative or touching video.

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Video Blog Posts on the EasyStand Blog. Enjoy!

YouTube – The 10 Commandments of Life in a Wheelchair
Inspirational Video about Father & Son Athletes
Shartrina Shares how Husband with ALS uses the EasyStand
Wheechair Back Flip…Now 3 Years Later
Man With Cerebral Palsy Walks PGA Tour
Josh Basile Helps Others with SCI Make the Transition
Fitting Chayton in Bantam Stander
What Makes the MS Achievement Center So Special?
A Wheelchair Doesn’t Slow This Boy Down! Ryan’s Youtube Video
Dreams Do Come True-Scott Chesney’s Inspiring Video

Which of these videos was your favorite? Is there another video that makes your list of favorites? Share the link with us!