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Position Change to Facilitate Functional Outcomes

Metabolic Syndrome is the medical consequences of obesity, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol (high levels of triglycerides), type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and several other serious health conditions. This is one of the main reasons the disabled community have poorer general heath than the general public. Many people with a disability have what they call normal weight obesity, which means their fat cells out number their muscle cells, so although they are not large in weight, they have the problems resulting from metabolic syndrome. Read more

Pediatric Physical Therapy

If I Knew Then…

Really smart kids can be so annoying. Mainly because they can be so – correct.
One of my favorite high school freshmen is due to have his wheelchair adjusted for growth because like so many adolescents out there, he went and grew. After our twelfth friendly chat about his posture this school year, I suggested we speak with the seating people about some additional chest support. Then, as long as we were talking to them, maybe we should inquire regarding hip guides, because as he was leaning into his left lateral trunk support, he had a tendency for his seat to slide to the right. The crazy kid had the audacity to start questioning me. “If I need these things, why didn’t we get them in the first place when the chair was new?” Read more