Communication Problems After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Communication Problems After a Traumatic Brain Injury

I was discussing discrimination and the negative perceptions that people with disabilities face on a daily basis from ignorant people. For me personally my paralysis isn’t the first thing people usually notice when initially meeting me. I suffered from a traumatic brain injury during my accident. Most people wouldn’t guess this from reading my blogs, except for the fact that I occasionally misuse a word or leave one out. Thank you spell check! I’m honestly not terrible at spelling, but typing is my arch nemesis. Big fingers and tiny keys do not make for best friends. First world problems right? Read more

The Best Part of Parenting

The Best Part of Parenting

What is more amazing than seeing your child succeed at something for the first time? Last night we watched as our soon to be one year old daughter, Olivia, clung to our bed and took her very first steps. The meaning and purpose of my life were wrapped up in those precious 5 seconds of time. The amazement on her face as she did it was priceless. You see a baby walking, but I see a miracle. Many people are fortunate and have the ability to take for granted that these moments will happen, because that is what babies do by nature. That is not the case for every child as we know, and I do not take any moment for granted. No matter how large or small those steps forward in life may be for my kids they are huge milestones for their mother. I wonder what gifts await this precious little one. Read more

Empowering My Children With Special Needs

Empowering Children With Special Needs

I could not be more proud of my children. My life is constantly on the move as the mother of three beautiful girls.  There are lessons, play dates, and clothing does not last long in this house. There is the constant shopping for a teenage daughter whom is quickly approaching six feet tall. Bella is outgrowing everything at an alarming rate. Tay is constantly wearing out the knees of her pants or destroying them climbing trees. The baby is eating more and more solids and staining clothing faster than I can keep her closet replaced. She’s quite the messy screaming eater and very handy with getting her own spoon into the mix and flinging it around the house. Read more

Waiting for communication in the world of Cerebral Palsy

I Wait

Do you want to watch The Chipmunks or Spongebob?

I hold out my thumbs, like I have done since Roa was two, and he picks his selection. Read more

Disabled Doesn't Need to Mean Single

Disabled Doesn’t Need to Mean Single

There can be many added stresses to a relationship from a disability. Many times a disabled partner will feel as though they are unequal in their relationship from their lack of abilities. There are partners who begin to resent their able bodied partners because they do not have limitations. If the injury or illness comes after a relationship has begun the stress can be worse. You find your world suddenly changed. Many able bodied partners will leave a relationship after such an accident has taken place. The fear of being a constant caregiver becomes overwhelming. While your physical disability will never go away, it need not become a disability in your relationship as well. Read more

Approaching Someone with a Disability

Approaching Someone with a Disability

How do you treat someone with a disability? A lot of people are unsure of how to handle this situation in public settings. It’s really not hard people. Treat them like you’d want to be treated. We’re not freaks of nature. We can hear when you talk about us instead of to us. We can answer for ourselves. Please don’t ask the person we’re with to speak our thoughts for us. That is probably my number one pet peeve in dealing with society. Talk to us at an age appropriate level. Most people are not bitter from a disability. We are bitter about being treated as though we can’t function at all. Read more

How to Talk to Someone in a Wheelchair

How to Talk to Someone in a Wheelchair

How do you talk to someone who uses a wheelchair? Just like you would anyone else! Read more

Keeping Our Marriage Strong

Keeping Our Marriage Strong

I’ve been married just over two years now. It’s been a very rocky road with all of our combined health issues, raising a teen, adopting a toddler, and attempting to expand our family once again. How does all of that even happen in two years? It’s been crazy! How do we make it work with all of the craziness? Communication, taking time for our marriage, and being supportive. Read more

Bryan Welcoming Roa home from school

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

The bus pulls up to the driveway and I sigh. He’s home. Breathe deep and go and get him. It’s not that I don’t want Roa to be home. I’ve missed him. Or so, I missed the days of a little boy happy to greet Mom from the school bus. This Kindergarten year, not so much. Read more

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown in the Land of CP

“Hey, Roa!  I’m so glad you’re home!”, I say as the school bus ramp is lowered.

Instantly, I get “the lip”.  What is the lip, you ask?  Well Roa has a way of protruding his lower lip and giving you the saddest eyes you have ever seen when he has an issue.

What’s the problem?” I ask.  Yet he can’t tell me.  Not verbally at least.  I go through the rundown of possible problems and offer him my thumbs for him to grab if I state the correct problem.  Sometimes I guess right.  Other times, my inability to identify the crisis leads to a sorrowful cry and tears a flowing. Read more