What is Attraction and Beauty

What is Attraction and Beauty?

What is beauty and how do we define it? Is it a group of physical characteristics? Is it the heart of someone that makes them beautiful? Is it a certain size or body type? Society places an enormous amount of importance on the physical appearance. Of course we all want to be considered attractive, but the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder is completely true. Beauty is like fine art and is subjective to one’s own personal tastes. Read more

The Poor Girl Who Flirted

The Poor Girl Who Flirted

As I was sitting in the hospital cafeteria with my father, a nurse approached me and began to flirt. I was having coffee and told her as politely as I could that I am happily married and not interested. By this time, we’re ready to head back up to sit with my sit with Jessie in her room. I had been in my chair for an extended period of time and decided to transfer to the harder plastic cafeteria chair for a change of pace. As my dad moved my wheelchair between us for me to transfer back a look of pure horror came over the poor nurse’s face. Lord help her she hit on someone in a wheelchair. How embarrassing for her. I don’t know which part was more offensive to me to honestly. How can you be comfortable hitting on a married man? That’s fine to you, but oh no you can’t flirt with someone in a wheelchair. The horror of finding someone attractive that happens to have a physical disability. I hadn’t experienced this before in the time since my injury and it was quite offensive on many levels. My first thought was something that my wife says when people are staring at her. Did I suddenly catch the ugly and no one told me? Read more

Embarrassed for Being Attracted to a Disabled Person

Embarrassed for Being Attracted to a Disabled Person?

There are a lot of difficult things about living life as a wheelchair-user – spotty to widespread inaccessibility, overpriced medical equipment, seeing everyone at butt level (this is really one of the worst)- but one of the most maddening aspects of all is the social stigma that comes along with using a wheelchair. Read more