A Family Not Divided

A Family Not Divided

What defines a family? Biology? A piece of paper? Perhaps it is an unbreakable bond we call love. No matter what we shall be faced with we will do it together as a family. It’s how we have handled everything else and this situation will be no different. I have no plan and I have no more tears to cry for things which I can not change. I have God and my family, therefore I have all I need in this life to get by with His grace. Read more

Accident Anniversaries

Accident Anniversaries

Today happens to be my anniversary. No, it’s not my wedding anniversary. Today is the day that my life forever changed. 10 years.. Seems like forever and some days it seems like it was only yesterday. “Yesterday”, I was like everyone else, running around in my carefree life taking so many simple pleasures for granted. Read more

Another Year, Another Injury Anniversary

Could it be any more depressing…the anniversary of a terrible thing? September 11th is a perfect example. It’s a day you can’t forget, and when the day arrives all you can do is bow your head in silence. And if you were there personally, you probably feel physically ill on the day of the anniversary. There’s just something about that day that can bring up so many emotions. Read more

10 Year Accident Anniversary

My 10 Year Accident Anniversary

I have several important anniversaries in my life both happy and sad. There is my wedding anniversary around corner that will make it 4 years since my family became official. It’s been 8 years since I’ve met my wife and oldest daughter. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since Tay was adopted. This year year will mark 20 years since I lost my twin brother Mikey to drugs and violence. It’s been a year since my mother’s passing and days since my father-in-laws. It’s been a year since my baby was born and months since my niece lost her battle to NHL There are the numerous anniversaries of pregnancies and miscarriages. It’s been 2 years since I lost one of my best friends to suicide. It’s been 3 years since my wife began fighting for life against cancer and a little over 3 months since she was diagnosed as in remission. I’ll be turning 36 in a few months and I’ve noticed that I have way too many anniversaries for my age. As the first decade anniversary of my injury quickly approaches it’s once again that time for that personal reflection. Read more

Accident Anniversary Day

Anniversary Day


Throughout life you will learn
that sorrow will not remain.
You will see that it is
like a butterfly emerging
from its cocoon to make way
for greater things.
-Corrine DeWinter

When a caterpillar spins a chrysalis, does it know its life is going to change and that it’s going to turn into a beautiful butterfly? When a baby is born, does it know the path that it’s going to live and the life-changing moments that may occur? Change happens every day whether it is good or bad. People die, give birth, change jobs, graduate school, etc. Some changes are small while others are life-changing. Like an accident that changes you from an active teen to being paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Read more