When Will Warmer Climates Welcome This Wheelchair Lady Kindly?

When Will Warmer Climates Welcome This Wheelchair Lady Kindly?

As a wheelchair-user, many of us have to decide the big life question – where do I live next – more often than others. Moving out of rehab, back home then to new housing, and then who knows where to next. And for many of us, this move is decided upon the weather. Read more

Accessible Living After a Spinal Cord Injury

Accessible Living After a Spinal Cord Injury

Addressing home accessibility concerns are different when you’re born with a disability versus acquiring one later in life. I certainly didn’t expect becoming paralyzed, wheelchair-bound and ventilator dependent at the age of 16 years old. Although sometimes life gives you obstacles and you have to learn to overcome or deal with them in whatever way possible. For myself and my family, this meant changing our lifestyle in order to accommodate my needs. Read more

House Modifications for Wheelchairs

House Modifications for Wheelchairs

Coming home after an injury is hard. Coming home to a house that no longer meets your needs or allows you access is a deal breaker. What changes are needed to make a home truly accessible? What are the basics you can do to get by in the meantime? Read more

Accessbile Kitchen

Designing the Perfect Accessible Home

Building your own home is a joyous stress filled experience. When you begin to think about all of the changes needed to design a wheelchair accessible home the pressure mounts. My wife and I began this journey 18 months ago, shortly before getting married. We put both of our houses on the market and began design plans with an architect. Being that our houses were only doors apart in the same suburban neighborhood meant that we were competing for the same buyers. That wasn’t awkward at all right? Alas, we survived and fortunately so did our marriage. When you are dealing with a mixed ability family it can be challenging to find design aspects that are comfortable for everyone involved. Read more

Accessible Home Cost

The Cost of an Accessible Home

Building a new home…not all it is cracked up to be. Sure, I liked picking out fixtures, flooring, and lights. It has been exciting to see our vision brought to life and we are excited for a more open barrier-free space for Roa to live.

Yet, it has been a while since I last posted about our handicap accessible home build with good reason. This house building is such a rollercoaster of ups and downs that it is somewhat stressful to talk (or write) about. We have had set backs due to our blueprint plans not being acceptable to a neighborhood association and having to find a workable flat lot elsewhere. We have a large amount of setbacks due to the ridiculous long, frigid, snowy winter that made the building process slow. We have had set backs due to the cold, rainy spring that leaves the frost in the ground and renders concrete pouring of our garage and driveway impossible. Now, we are dealing with our most frustrating setback. The appraisal of our home is LESS than the amount that we put into it! Read more

Wheelchair Friendly Flooring

The Perfect Accessible Flooring

On Solid Ground

To ensure that you have good floors in your house, just knock on wood. Nothing rivals the way wood warm ups a room, its classic good looks, or how long it lasts-qualities that earn it the distinction of being This Old House’s favorite flooring.

Yep, from This Old House to Country Living, wood floors rule. From new construction, remodels, to ready-builts…wood floors are the desired footing.

Read more

Accessible Bathroom

Planning for Future Accessibility Needs

Mirror, Mirror on the wall… can I request a crystal ball?

If only it was that easy to see into the future and tell what Roa’s needs will be when he is age 10 or 18 or 25. Will he be wheelchair-bound the majority of his day? A power chair or will he manage his manual with independence? Will he require assistive technology to communicate? Will he use a walker to move throughout the home? Will he live with us through his adulthood? Read more


Challenges of Building an Accessible Home

It’s not about me

We walk through the home supply store in awe. There are so many different light fixtures and sparkling chandeliers. We brush our hands across bronze, brass, and nickel plumbing fixtures in every shape and size. The displays are perfectly set with tile floors and bath surrounds in every color. Read more

Accessible One Story Home

Accessible Home Search

Home Sweet One-Story Home

After the sale of our two-story home, the search began to find somewhere to live before our barrier-free house was built and move-in ready. Thus began a whole new mission of finding a handicap accessible rental that also accepted pets, offered short-term leasing, and was in our budget to help us save for the build project. Ugh. Not as easy to find as one might think. Read more


Accessible Home for our Special Needs Family

Dream House

SOLD, the sign hanging outside our first home together as a married couple read. It was our plan to make that house our “happily ever after”. We loved that cute little two-story with it’s walkout basement leading to a sprawling backyard. We were content there and had so many dreams to remodel, keep adding to our garden, possibly add a pool or outdoor kitchen someday, and make it completely feel like ours. Nice neighbors and convenient distance to stores, schools, other community resources made it really hard to leave. Read more