Top 10 Special Needs Products of 2016

As a parent of a child with cerebral palsy, I am always on the lookout for products that can improve my son’s life. Here’s my favorite adaptive products of 2016. Read more

Complex Rehab Technology Funding Cuts

The Festive Holiday Season

I used that title sarcastically. I’m not feeling too festive these days. Prescribing wheelchairs and other complex DME for my clients just keeps getting harder and harder. Read more

Holiday Shopping and Savings

Holiday Shopping and Saving

Holiday shopping means holiday crowds full of insanely bitter people who are willing to fight to the death over that last Barbie or Batman Lego set. What should be a fun time has turned into a battle of the strongest. The stores become so crowded that if you’re living with a wheelchair it can be nearly impossible to get through the masses of people to reach what you want or need. Of course we all want the lowest prices possible, but oh my it went from Good Friday to Black Friday for a reason, and that reason is crazy people. We do not do stores that day if we are able to avoid them in any way possible. The traffic is terrible and the lines in the stores are even worse.  Read more

Lisa and Easton

Introducing Lisa and Easton!

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa Zietlow. I just turned 34 years old. I have a “typical” 6-year-old son named Kaiden and a “non-typical” 18-month-old son named Easton. Read more

The Real Talk About Sexual Abuse

The Real Talk About Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse and rape are gaining a lot of attention with this election. I have decided as a mental health professional who has spent the majority of my career working with sex abuse survivors to write a series of articles dedicated to this extremely important topic. It is time to discuss this issue with the release of tapes and women coming forward saying they were groped and kissed against their will and men responding it’s “locker room talk”. It’s not locker room talk. It is the sexual abuse of a human being and it is being treated as if it means nothing.   Read more

Facebooking for Help

Facebooking for Help

I recently attended the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy Meeting in Hollywood, Florida. And yes, I was there a couple of weeks before Matthew so we just had to deal with heat, humidity, and sand that was too soft for a good walk! Read more

Living Twice as Hard

Living Twice as Hard

On August 9th of this year I received news that a childhood friend of mine had his life ended by a caregiver. In the weeks following, my Facebook feed was filled with “She must’ve been overwhelmed.” “Caring for the disabled is so difficult. No one gives us a break!” Read more

Got Stress?


His cry wakes me and my heart skips a beat then pounds in my chest. Not awake again?! My mind starts going down the mental list of things I had planned to get done this day and if I can juggle it all while being tired. Read more

Facing Our Own Mortality

Facing Our Own Mortality

The only thing that is guaranteed in this life is that it will end at some point. Our family lost my wife‘s biological father only days ago as I sit and write this blog. His memorial is set for tomorrow before he is set to be cremated. She is now sleeping for the first time in days instead of crying hysterically that he promised he would never leave her. Our own mortality is a difficult thing to think about, especially when you’re a parent with young children. Read more