Jennifer explaining Roa's Power Chair

Roa and His Power Chair


Roa and his power chair

As Jennifer explains in this story about her son Roa, sometimes you just have to follow your child’s lead. They will tell you what they want, in their own way, when they are ready. (Rojo’s Journey)

Posted by EasyStand on Friday, May 19, 2017

One more time

One More Time…

This week, Jennifer’s husband Bryan shares his recent experience as a father to a child with cerebral palsy enjoying a weekend at the waterpark. 

One more time. I can do it one more time, I thought as I stood at the bottom of the stairs. Three flights up was the entrance to the water slide that we had just come down. It’s the only one he can do because we all ride in a raft and I can support Roa, who now stood in front of me squealing with joy from our last ride. Vicki, my sister in law, and Gunnar, my younger son, waited patiently. “Are you sure you can do this again?” Vicki asked. “Yeah, just need a minute to catch my breath”, I replied. Read more

Complex Rehab Technology Funding Cuts

The Festive Holiday Season

I used that title sarcastically. I’m not feeling too festive these days. Prescribing wheelchairs and other complex DME for my clients just keeps getting harder and harder. Read more

Lisa and Easton

Introducing Lisa and Easton!

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa Zietlow. I just turned 34 years old. I have a “typical” 6-year-old son named Kaiden and a “non-typical” 18-month-old son named Easton. Read more

Stepping Back and Going Forward

Stepping Back and Going Forward

This week, Jennifer’s husband Bryan shares his thoughts about the unique experiences he has as a father to a child with cerebral palsy.

As we pulled up to the birthday party, my head churned with anxiety and despair about how the next couple of hours were going to roll out. The birthday party was held at a park complete with the climbing towers, walkways, tunnels, and slides. Something that every kid loves to do, including Roa. Over 8 years, I have spent many hours climbing around these multicolored fun factories; helping him climb steps and ladders, pushing and pulling him through tunnels, sliding with him down the slides, and doing my best to get him participating with the other kids. But not this day; I couldn’t do it. I had to admit it to myself and, worse, to him. Roa is now 8 years old and 75 lbs. He is a big, strong boy. I am 43 years old with all of the aches and pains that go with it. Most days, I can help him keep up with the other kids for a while. But this day, I couldn’t do it. Lack of sleep, too many aches and pains, unwillingness to experience the next couple of days living in pain…all reasons that entered into the decision. Also, kids are a little weirded out by a grown man crawling around a play set with them. Totally understandable. Read more

A Child’s Perspective: Parents with Disabilities

A Child’s Perspective: Parents with Disabilities

Hi everyone. It is Isabella again and this time I am going to tell you what it is like to live with parents who have disabilities. I want to write this for other kids who might have parents who get hurt or sick and are scared like I was too. I want to write that my dad is not different because he can not walk. I want to write about what it has been like to live with my mom fighting cancer for me and my sister. I really want other kids to know that it is ok to be mad sometimes even if it is at God. I love my mom and dad and want everyone to know how great they are too. I guess I will start with my mom.

Read more

Oh The Places We'll (Pack, and Plan, and Pray) Go!

Oh The Places We’ll (Pack, and Plan, and Pray) Go!

Summer Time. The birds are singing. Bees are buzzing. Neighborhoods all over the country are crawling with kids on bikes and scooters, working lemonade stands, and having water gun fights. Parents all over the country are shuffling kids to swim lessons, T-ball, summer camp, and playdates. That’s the scene in World Typical. Read more

The Heartbreak of Used Equipment

The Heartbreak of Used Medical Equipment

This week, Jennifer’s husband Bryan shares his recent experience purchasing used medical equipment from another special needs family. Here’s his story.

I was cruising Craigslist on Sunday afternoon looking for a good deal on a bike trailer that may fit our King Roa and give us another alternative for family outings. I had done my research and knew what I was looking for when I stumbled upon it. The Wike Trailer. A bike trailer that my internet searching had shown to be the Holy Grail, a bike trailer specifically designed for special needs, with a price tag to reflect that. I hit dial on the contact phone number and immediately exclaimed that I wanted to buy the trailer and I would make the 3 hour round trip drive to get it tonight. (Another lesson I learned over the years was that Special Needs items do not last long on Craigslist.) And this was a good deal to boot. Read more

Waiting for communication in the world of Cerebral Palsy

I Wait

Do you want to watch The Chipmunks or Spongebob?

I hold out my thumbs, like I have done since Roa was two, and he picks his selection. Read more

National Aquarium | Accessible Fun for the Whole Family

National Aquarium | Accessible Fun for the Whole Family

Recently my family and I took a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Outside of the parking situation this place is great! Parking in general is a pain in the butt in the Inner Harbor area but there are plenty of lots available for the public to use that include accessible spaces. You will pay to park anywhere so suck it up and get ready to have some fun! Read more