What is EasyStand?

EasyStand manufactures standing devices for people who use wheelchairs. The first EasyStand was designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic over twenty-five years ago. Manufactured in Morton, MN by a small company called Altimate Medical Inc., the EasyStand has been helping tens of thousands of people worldwide, who would otherwise be unable to stand up.


Our goal at the EasyStand Blog is to communicate to you what we stand for, whether it is about standing, disability, or just topics that we care about. We want to encourage interaction with our many circles of contacts – suppliers, clinicians, consumers, and their families. As well as our international distributors, independent reps, and even vendors and employees.


This blog is about engagement, so we will do our best to review and publish appropriate comments as quickly as possible. We want to hear your stories, viewpoints and opinions – even if they are contradictory to ours. All we ask is that you keep your comment censored and respectful to others. We do require that you include an email address so we may follow up with you if needed. Your email will only be used by Altimate Medical Inc. and will not be published, but is required for a comment to be considered for posting. To have your photo displayed with your comment, simply sign up once at www.gravatar.com


We have writers who are experts in the topics of spinal cord injury, life in a wheelchair, special needs parenting, and more.   Viewpoints/opinions of contributors to the EasyStand Blog are not necessarily that of Altimate Medical Inc. We welcome requests from anyone who would like to write on our blog as our contributor. Please contact brittany@easystand.com if you are interested.

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What others are saying.

With the EasyStand Bantam sit to stand all things are made possible for my son – he can even dance standing up! Having a blast in his EasyStand!
Thank you EasyStand. My daughter Aubriella loves her stander.
Cailey is standing taller and longer in her EasyStand Evolv!
My old client was a young man with a brain injury and the standing frame really helped him. Helped him a lot where he now takes steps on a walker!!
Got my EasyStand Glider the other day and it is fantastic. I have used one at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, but having it in the house makes it easy to stand everyday. Playing Wii games is kicking my butt. Thank you everyone at EasyStand!
Just wanted to say how much i love my EasyStand Evolv Mobile stander. I got it last year from my insurance and use it almost everyday. Its a wonderful device for people with neuromuscular defects and SCI.