Remembering the Why of Standing

Remembering the Why of Standing

I was talking with a mom last week during the IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) meeting, about getting her child into a stander now that he is approaching 9 months old. This little boy has increased tone in his extremities with decreased head and trunk control, very limited use of his arms and hands yet. Mom knew about standers from her private therapist; in fact they were also planning to try one in private therapy that same week we discussed standing. Mom was all ready to try one, but wondered what the stander was going to help him do. Read more

Empathy: A Short Q & A With the Voices in My Head

So, let’s start this off with a nice light discussion of psychosocial issues.

I’m a big fan of Stephen King. Not because I’m a horror junkie, or because of any psychotic tendencies or mental illness that I’ve experienced following the trauma of spinal cord injury (side note: I acknowledge the unfortunate reality of this for some). Rather, I’m a proponent of, and relate with, the terror-evoking author’s acknowledgment of life’s yin and yang. Read more

My Story of my Daughter’s MS Diagnosis

My Story of My Daughter’s MS Diagnosis

I got the call at the end of my daughter’s second week of her freshman year in college. She told me that her feet and legs had been going numb. Knowing my daughter doesn’t complain when she’s hurt or sick, and that she is very independent, I knew something was not right. Read more

Standing After Hip Surgery

Standing After Hip Surgery

Children with cerebral palsy or increased muscle tone can be at higher risk of developing hip issues; their hips may begin to sublux, or progress to dislocation often requiring hip surgery. The whole process of surgery is scary and full of possible complications. But once that is done, returning to previous activities can add another fear; will my child hurt their hip from doing this? When they have pain, how much do parents need to worry or run back to the orthopedic surgeon to make sure that hip is still ok? Read more

Jose's Beyond the Chair Story

Jose’s Beyond the Chair Story

Jose L. is recovering from a June 2010 stroke that took a significant toll on him and his body. Although the stroke affected both the left and right sides of Jose’s body, his right side is more substantially impaired. It also damaged his vocal box and created tone throughout his whole body, making it difficult for Jose to bend any extremity. Despite Jose’s injury he continues to keep his head held high and remain positive. Read more

Maggie's (C6/7) Beyond the Chair Story using the EasyStand Glider

Maggie’s Beyond the Chair Story

Maggie M. suffered a C4-C5 incomplete spinal cord injury after being the victim of a violent crime. She is one of Beyond the Chair’s longest standing clients, starting just seven months after Beyond the Chair opened its doors. Read more

TJ in the EasyStand Glider at Beyond the Chair in San Antonio

TJ’s Beyond the Chair Story

T.J. is another retired Air Force Veteran who has been a client of Beyond the Chair’s for the last two and a half years. After a rollover Humvee accident while on duty, he was left a C-5 incomplete spinal cord injury. T.J. is dedicated to his recovery, coming to work out three times a week, two hours per session. Within the last year he has travelled to Panama to receive stem cells for his recovery journey, and returned to Beyond the Chair for help in strengthening the neuromuscular connection. Read more

When the Cure Goes from a Passion to a Mere Indifference

When the Cure Goes from a Passion to a Mere Indifference

I have met so many people who are suffering since I landed myself in this silly wheelchair. When you have a spinal cord injury in the early 21st century two things can happen – you can either move on and take advantage of all the technology that’s available to you – and learn to be happy with not walking again – or you can do everything in your power to keep your body in shape when the cure does arrive, which is a full time job. Read more

Henderson's Beyond the Chair Story

Henderson’s Beyond the Chair Story

Henderson H. is a war veteran who was injured in a motor vehicular accident several decades ago. He is now a C5/C6 incomplete spinal cord quadriplegic who has a hard time sitting and standing in an upright position. Despite his limitations he remains very positive and is dedicated to leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Henderson also suffers from heterotopic ossification (HO) which requires him to increase weight bearing actions. Read more

Daniel's Beyond the Chair Story

Daniel’s Beyond the Chair Story

Life can be very difficult for individuals with Familial Spastic Paraparesis (FSP). FSP is an inherited disorder characterized by progressive weakness and spasticity in the lower extremities. For Daniel P. this has been his main challenge since he was a young boy. Daniel continually fights to get stronger and is determined to keep himself as healthy as possible. He is constantly working on his recovery and doesn’t let his disorder keep him from achieving any of his short or long term goals. Read more