Standing After Hip Surgery

Standing After Hip Surgery

Children with cerebral palsy or increased muscle tone can be at higher risk of developing hip issues; their hips may begin to sublux, or progress to dislocation often requiring hip surgery. The whole process of surgery is scary and full of possible complications. But once that is done, returning to previous activities can add another fear; will my child hurt their hip from doing this? When they have pain, how much do parents need to worry or run back to the orthopedic surgeon to make sure that hip is still ok? Read more

Moving forward after a disabling injury

Moving Forward After a Disabiling Injury

Fall is a time for changes, kids go back to school, those of us with children, fall back into a new routine. One of my daughters starts a new routine this fall moving to a new college. I wondered would it all work out, would she make new friends and would she struggle with her classes? This October marks the 4th anniversary since she sustained a mild brain injury in a car accident. Prior to the accident she was having problems from a skating accident and probably had an undiagnosed concussion. Incurring the injury in a car accident so close to the first concussion, led to more significant issues. Read more

Feeling out Social Emotional Development

Feeling out Social Emotional Development

When we ask parents what goals they have for their children in Early Intervention, “walk” and “talk” are the things we hear most frequently, followed by cognitive skills like “ABCs, 123s, colors, and shapes”, and finally functional skills like eating or potty training. Social emotional development feels like an afterthought on our developmental checklist, and I think it is more vague and challenging to latch onto than skills in other areas. Read more

First day of school of Special Needs Boy

Diary of a Kindergarten Mom of a Special Boy

As school starts across the country, I watch as friends post pictures taken sending their little ones…babies, off to Kindergarten. Before I was a parent, I always thought, why the misty-eyed, tearful reaction? What a great milestone to celebrate! Entrance into school to make friends, learn new things, and explore that developing personality! Now, as my own son gets ready to start his elementary school career, I get it. It’s emotional watching your not-long-ago-baby heading off to independence. Read more

iPad Apps for Special Needs Children

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs, Part II

Three years have passed since Apple first revealed the iPad in April 2010. In that short time, four major product updates have been released, the smaller iPad Mini was introduced, and countless apps have been added to the app store. Since it has been a few years since our original iPad Apps post, we felt it was time to create another! Here is a list of twenty of our favorite iPad apps for kids with special needs. Read more

Physical Therapist Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List

1. Please move the accessible stalls closer to the restroom entrance. Why does someone with a mobility impairment who really needs a bathroom break have to travel 50 feet further than everyone else?

2. No more flat heads. Those little babies are so cute in their little custom-made multi-sport helmets, but in many cases a heaping helping of “tummy to play” and early detection can take the helmet from medical device to fashion choice.

3. Playgrounds everywhere! Read more

Stand Up to Expand Your Mind

Educators are finding that children that have physical activity at school on a regular basis, have fewer disciplinary problems and have a better concentration in class. Also, some schools are experimenting with tall work tables, where students stand to do their school work. This is proving to be effective for students with learning difficulties and attention deficit disorders because they are able to work more effectively, alleviate their restlessness, and concentrate on their work.

Read more