Designing the EasyStand Zing MPS

Designing the EasyStand Zing MPS

A little background about the new ZingRead more

EasyStand Management, Equity Partners Purchase Company from Invacare

MORTON, MN – The Altimate Medical, Inc. management team is happy to announce the purchase of Altimate Medical from Invacare Corporation. Management led the buyout with two equity partners, Rockwood Equity Partners and Granite Equity Partners. General Manager, Todd Tholkes, has been named President and CEO and all other Altimate executives will remain in place as owners and executives in their current roles. Read more


Standing Children with Disabilities in Nicaragua

I traveled to Nicaragua to an area in the northern country known as Matagalpa. The area is fortunate to have “Sister Rebecca” who founded a school for children with disabilities called familias especiales. On my first trip there, organized by a group of therapist friends, we weren’t sure what to expect, or what we might accomplish. This, our second adventure, felt more promising. We had fabricated several wheelchair inserts for local children on the first trip, but were disappointed and saddened to see that children with more severe disabilities were not able to attend school as there was no way to transport them, or for them to sit and learn at school. They also did not have any orthotics or standers, something we vowed to change on trip two! Read more

Facebook Fan Submissions

Announcing the 25,ooo Fan Giveaway Winners!

We wrapped up our 25,000 Facebook fans celebration last week, and wow did we have some amazing submissions! Our users think of some pretty creative activities to do in their EasyStands, from using the tray as a chalkboard, playing the violin, eating snacks, singing in choir, and working out at the gym. We loved seeing each and every one so much we decided to make everyone a winner! Those who submitted photos or videos in their EasyStand standing frames but did not win the digital camera or GoPro will each receive an Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation. Enjoy! Read more

25,000 Fans Giveaway Celebration

25,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway Celebration!

Last Friday, May 9, our Facebook page reached a new milestone: 25,000 fans. This is HUGE. We can’t believe how much we’ve grown and we are forever grateful for every one of our fans. We truly love being able to interact with users of our products as well as others in the community (thank you social media!). We understand your time is precious, so for you to make the effort to visit our page is humbling. To celebrate we are hosting a series of giveaways throughout the month of May! Read more


CRT Congressional Call-In Day 2014

Tomorrow, April 29, 2014, is CRT Congressional Call-in Day. Consumers of Complex Rehab Technology as well as clinicians, suppliers, manufacturers, and advocates use this day to call their congressional leaders to voice their support of House Bill number H.R. 942 and Senate Bill number S. 948. The purpose is to secure additional co-sponsors for the “Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act of 2013”. Read more

EasyStand 10,000 fans

10,000 Fans!

We recently hit the 10,000-fan mark on our Facebook page, so naturally we see that as cause for celebration! We pulled together a video from all of us at EasyStand to show our fans how much we appreciate every one of them! We love seeing our fan’s posts online and are grateful to them for sharing their experiences with us. We can never thank you all enough. Read more

Brittany Mathiowetz - Marketing Specialist

EasyStand Hires New Marketing Specialist

Altimate Medical Inc. recently added Brittany Ryan Mathiowetz to its marketing team as a Marketing Specialist. Brittany holds a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Cloud State University with emphasis in photography, graphic design, marketing, advertising, and management. Her previous positions have focused on print advertising, design, photography and SEO. Read more

Life After Spinal Cord Injury Video Shoot

Lights, Camera, Action – Joe Stone Shoot

Joe Stone is an active C7 quadriplegic with a passion for outdoor sports, health and nutrition. One of his goals is to train hard and become the first quadriplegic to compete in a triathlon. As part of that goal he recently completed a 105 mile handcycle trek and is currently working on a video documentary about his journey titled An Ironman’s Journey. Read more

History of EasyStand Standing Frame

Altimate Medical Celebrates 25th Anniversary

We celebrated 25 years of business in July and I wanted to share a bit about our company’s interesting history. Like most businesses, Altimate Medical got its start by one person with an idea on how to build a better mousetrap. Alan Tholkes, a quadriplegic for several years, was not happy with the wheelchairs being sold at the time. He wanted a folding wheelchair that was rigid like a non-folding chair but still lightweight. He developed a clever hinge system that popped over center to stay in place and essentially made it rigid. Another neat feature was that if he needed an extra few inches to go through a door he could simply pop the hinge and make it narrower while still sitting in the chair. Like all new ideas, the chair was a hard sell. Sales struggled and the unique design was not received well. Read more