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Power Assist Diaries, Saga 2: Getting Creative When Your Insurance Says No

Nineteen years ago things were a lot different the way my health insurance regarded the kinds of wheelchairs one needs. Back in 1998, I was able to get a supplemental wheelchair, a manual one, in addition to having a power wheelchair. All I needed was a physical therapist’s letter of recommendation, and it was a […]

Power-Assist Virgin Diaries Saga 1: Tailwind Power Assist

For any quadriplegics out there wondering what it’s like to finally try a power assist tech on a manual wheelchair after years of using a power wheelchair, this blog post is for you. I have been using a power chair for over 20 years and am looking into getting a power assist manual wheelchair. The […]

The Quest for Power Assist

A new wheelchair accessory has been buzzing in popularity around wheelchair-users for a few years now, and it’s one of the coolest wheelchair accessories to ever come out in the history wheelchairs – the Max Mobility SmartDrive. This one-wheel device can turn a manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair, and it’s changing lives around the […]