I Don't Think I'm God, But I do Think You're a Jerk

I Don’t Think I’m God, But I Do Think You’re a Jerk

I know everybody is not going to agree with my personal opinions, but that’s why they are called opinions and not facts. I’m okay with this fact, and God knows that I welcome a good debate on any subject. I don’t even need to know what we’re talking about, but I bet I can make an argument for the other side. I love to play the “devil’s advocate” at times if only to make people think and ask questions to themselves. All change starts with an opinion and conversation. What could be so terrible about that?

So I wrote a blog about handicapped parking and said people need to calm themselves down. One commenter on Facebook said, “This article sounds like it was written by someone with a slight limp.” You sir sound like an asshole. I can say that as paralyzed US Marine who fought for your right to make ignorant comments. Why do you make them, because you think your disability is better than someone else who “only has a slight limp”. Now what? “Oh Lord, help us all he done went and got himself a God complex!” – I channeled my wife for that one. No people, I do not think I’m God. If I was God I most likely wouldn’t curse, but I make no assumptions. If I was God I’d be cursing left and right at all this stupidity I see in the world. Maybe God does have a potty mouth, but I’m not judging him. I have a TBI and have been referred to as a retard due to my speaking abilities. Let me tell you something. You don’t need to be God when even this retard can see how stupid and judgmental you are acting. The worst part is that it’s mostly towards our own community of people with disabilities. “Oh God there he goes with that word again“. Okay fine, you’re being ignorant towards a differently abled while uniquely physically or intellectually challenged diverse group of equally valuable members of society. You have a disability, get over it. It’s a word. How can you be so up in arms over a medical term, but okay with bullying someone with good intentions, but a lack of knowledge over what defines special needs?

Please tell me what are special needs when we do not have a disability and are differently abled by some freakish magical powers allowing us to do everything, equally yet differently? No, I still can’t walk because I’m not God. We don’t even know what counts as politically correct to call ourselves. Can you believe Adina called herself a cripple and a gimp? The horror of it. I’m offended, no wait I’m not because it’s her opinion and her life to say what she feels. We’ll have a riot over that, but let an AB person make a sympathetic comment towards a SN mother. Oh hell no she did not compare her situation to mine. She must have bumped her head and went retarded. You still don’t see the problem do you?

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