The Word is Disabled

The Word is Disabled

That’s right we’re talking about that word again, disability, and other words honestly do not apply to the situation. I’m all for using different terms for children and teaching them to see their differences as a positive rather than a negative. I think of words like ‘differently abled’ the same as I do Santa. We know it’s not real, but why kill a child’s innocence when you can raise their self esteem instead. You on the other hand my grown up delicate little spring violets are disabled. I’d like to bring attention to some new terms I learned from the comments on a past blog that literally had me laughing until I cried. We also need to remember that the word ‘disabilities’ does not only apply to mobility issues, but also to illnesses, mental health, and neurological problems. Let’s face it. If it can’t be fixed it’s a disability. I know everyone is offended by something, but calm down, it’s a medical term.

  1. Handicapable: Now wouldn’t that imply that we’re all super handy and leave our wives extremely disappointed when they figure out that term was a lie? No I am not handy and no I am still not capable of walking. If I was handicapable I would be able to take a paper clip, some double bubble gum, a shoelace, and Macgyver myself back into walking and no longer need that term. See it really is useless no matter how you look at it.
  2. Differently abled: I like this one especially for children. We have used this one quite a few times with our daughters to explain that they can still do things only in another way. For example Tay is able to speak using sign language instead of having a voice. Guess what though. I still can not freaking walk no matter how many different ways I’ve tried to do it. No, seriously I was really surprised that it didn’t happen too. I told my wife with cancer she wasn’t sick, she was differently abled. She said yes, we can all die differently would you like me to show you? 
  3. All inclusive: That’s right guys. We all seriously won that free week at a Sandals resort where everything is paid for like the phone call promised! All inclusive can not work because we all do not have the same problems. For instance my daughters are disabled, but it doesn’t affect their ability to walk and therefore they will never have handicapped parking. How is that inclusive? 
  4. All abilities: No I still haven’t figured out the walking thing.
  5. Challenged: My wife was super pissed to find out that this cancer thing was just a contest to see who would win. See here’s my real problem with this word, read the definition. It is a euphemism for disabled, also lacking or deficient.. This could apply to people with a physical disability, but now you’ve told people with a mental or biological illness they are lacking something.

So you see people the correct term is a disability. 

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  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    It is?
    Well you better tell the army that because they use it for machines that are broken. That can’t work.
    You better tell MLB because their Disabled List is full of players who can’t do their job.
    Also, you better tell the word, because it literally means unable.
    “Dis”- un
    Abled… If you need clarification then stop reading here.

    It leaves it there. Unable, and in society people look for any excuse to exclude someone. Don’t believe me?
    Race and religion.

    So you see,
    “Disabled” can break more than a child.
    It can break the countless managers to whom I’ve spoken and been red away for a job, it can break the girl who says “sorry I don’t date guys in wheelchairs”, it can break so many people and make them think so many others are unable to do great things.

    Stephen Hawking
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Chris Reeve
    Oh, and my personal favourite, Rick Hansen

    So I guess that’s just not true. Just because you sit to walk does not make you disabled.

  2. brryma
    brryma says:

    Kyle, you begin your comment by stating the same points that Luke has made, which further supports his view rather than contradicts it. Disabled means unable. In this case, an inability to walk. Proper use of the term “disabled” in and of itself does not encourage or facilitate discrimination or exclusion. That’s not to say people have not been discriminated against because they have a disability. To use your analogy, should Christians not call themselves Christians because discrimination based on religion exists? If the term “disabled” did not exist, would they still be discriminated against for using a wheelchair? The disability would still be there regardless of the exact term used. This is what we need to focus our efforts on rather than fighting over terms and definitions. Disabled is a necessary medical term, that’s just reality. We should be working together to show society that people living with disabilities are very capable of achieving great things, just as the men you listed in your comment (and countless others, including women!) have.

  3. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Can you explain to me the use of the function of walking?
    To me, walking is used to get from point a, to point b.

    Ok. So assuming that is correct, one might make the assumption that using a wheelchair is just the same as walking.
    The rules of sledge hockey are the same as they are in the NHL, the rules of seated volleyball are the same as they are for standing.. well you get the point.

    People do things differently.
    It’s not that they can’t or are unable.

    Does this clear that up?

  4. brryma
    brryma says:

    But it’s not the same, now is it? If it were, why are we fighting for accessibility? Why do we need ramps? Elevators? Accessible vans, parking? If it’s the same, those things would all be unnecessary. Congrats, you rolling society back a few centuries with your statements. Which is exactly the opposite of what you are saying you’re attempting to do, is it not?

    Walking is not driving a car. It is not swimming. It is not skipping, jumping, hopping. These actions are not interchangeable. And if you are saying they are, you are making the case against accessibility. Think about what you are saying. Getting from point A to point B via wheelchair achieves the same result, but is not achieved by the same action. Yes, they are in fact, unable to walk. I said WALK, not navigate. I invite you to also look up the definition of walking if this is not yet clear.

    Hockey games do not consist of both NHL and sledge hockey players in the same league, just as seated volleyball is separate from volleyball….I get the point. I can see however that you do not. If you want to go on living your life hating everyone who uses the accurate terms for certain conditions, that’s your prerogative. I refuse to live my life that way, and I’d be willing to bet that’s the real reason those managers and women turned you down. It wasn’t a wheelchair. It’s an attitude.

    Have a good day.

  5. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    You have the purpose correct but not the definition. The definition of walking is as follows.

    gerund or present participle: walking
    move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.
    “I walked across the lawn”
    synonyms: stroll, saunter, amble, trudge, plod, dawdle, hike, tramp, tromp, slog, stomp, trek, march, stride, sashay, glide, troop, patrol, wander, ramble, tread, prowl, promenade, roam, traipse; More
    cause or enable (someone or something) to walk or move as though walking.
    “she walked her fingers over the dresses”

    There is no walking from a technical aspect in a wheelchair when paralyzed. They are UNABLE to walk which is the definition as you yourself stated. The statement is applied to the lack of function not worth. If you choose to add on to the definition of disabled that is a conscious decision. Luke is UNABLE to walk therefore his ability to walk has been disabled. This is a medical term not only social.

    Seated volleyball follows the same rules, but is it called volleyball or seated volleyball? The purpose and definition are different subjects. Spiking does not occur in seated volleyball. That action requires jumping.

    The term for having a permanent disability is disabled. Why does the MLB use the term disabled? They are not people on the field, but a specific position they are UNABLE to fill because a physical function is not present.

    A girl who does not date guys? Is she racist if she only is attracted to a certain hair color? No, she is only discriminatory if a disability is involved. Do you intend to pursue what you do not find attractive? The very thin, morbidly obese, or anything that is not what you want in a partner? Absolutely not.

    Look at the men you listed who gained their success well before society has even gotten this far in accepting disabilities. Please tell me who stopped them. Does that clear things up for you?

  6. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    It’s our version of the same thing.
    Listen, you may choose to sit there and pity yourself and identify to the world what you can’t do… but for many people, especially youth looking for employment, they’re looking for equitable opportunities and having a manager look at you as “disabled” isn’t going to help your case.

    You’re right, stand-up hockey games are glorified while sledge hockey players are pitied, just as any para-athlete is pitied because society just doesn’t understand difference.
    They see a wheelchair and think inability. They, like you, don’t understand the ability of countless individuals to make a meaningful contribution to society and to find ways to accomplish tasks that one may have set before them. Many people think that someone who uses a mobility device wants everything handed to them, to be pitied, that their situation is horrible.
    For many people, they were born needing the use of their various devices and do not see themselves as any different.

    As for the manager thing, one manager sat down and asked me why I was a good fit for that job, and I brought up my personality and the fact that it fit with that job.

    The rest of the managers (the ones you think turned my personality away) called me, called my contacts, and invited me in for a personal interview.

    I would go in and introduce myself and would be greeted with “Oh….. hi” as if I wasn’t what they were expecting.
    As if their view on me was already tainted.

    I am so sorry your view is such that you see what you are unable to do and not what you can do differently. I hope one day you will see that!

  7. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    Okay I’m done. You can take this pity party and “our version” and shove it. Don’t talk to me about understanding disabilities and putting people down when no one did that, but now I am about to because you are acting a fool over a damn medical term.

    I pity the disabled and look down on them? I look down on Luke and our children? I look down on myself? Do you know me? Were you there during my battles with cancer? Are you here daily while I fight MULTIPLE autoimmune diseases? Oh you’re not? Then tell me how you know what I think. The youth? Read my daughter’s blogs and see what it means to be an empowered youth with a disability.

    What do I pity? Someone who can’t handle a medical term and wants to take everything personally. Oh boohoo poor me. They didn’t like me. Honey I’m a forensic psychiatrist so please try this crap somewhere else. You can take my disabled JD, MD, and PhD and shove it along with Luke’s graduate degrees in Education and Astrophysics Engineering. With all of that he’s still unable to walk. Do you know why? He has a disability! He’s disabled too!

    One minute it’s I can do anything and the next you’re the victim of discrimination. What part of the word disabled was said when they saw your wheelchair? Considering that your disability can not be discussed that would be difficult now wouldn’t it? Does discrimination exist? Yes and this blog is not about that so try to stay on subject. I am so sorry you see yourself as a victim of everything but yourself. Your personality is not a reason alone to hire you. Stop wasting time trying to make the world pity you as a victim and do “your version” of getting off your ass and educating yourself to be where you want in life. It didn’t stop only the handful of extremely successful men you listed now did it? You never did address that so if you do continue to run your mouth explain why you can’t do EXACTLY what they did.

  8. Mo
    Mo says:

    So interesting to see Kyle’s comments as the business owner he is and what he has come from. I know from watching him that he has lots of experience in this, and being told that he is disabled and labeled something that put him into special classes he didn’t belong in for our whole elementary school career, plus the doctors’ visits and over 100 surgeries, the man has seen it all.
    I would say he has studied people and their interactions with him when they know he uses a wheelchair as opposed to when they don’t, and he could tell you stories of ableism that may happen to your young one, and he literally started a company to remove those stigmas that words like “disabled” cause. I watched the tears in the man’s eyes well as he struggled to get a date to prom, eventually giving up, I helped him prepare for the interviews for petty part time jobs after high school so he could save for college, and watched as one by one he was turned away from taking tickets, only to see the job filled by high school students, or watch one company he worked for take the life out of him for $40 a week so he could ride the bus that he had to climb steps just to get in to get home after finally getting a girlfriend and supporting her playing hockey.

    So yes, while I see you’re book smart, you fail to understand that people speak from their personal experiences. Also, Jesse, what Kyle said was a reply to the comment before you.
    So maybe don’t jump all over him for having personal life experiences that include so much “ableism” as he calls it that it nearly broke him.

    The guy started a company and a peer mentoring program aimed at helping youth find their full potential, I don’t think we need to weigh diplomas and degrees.
    If you’d like to, I, sure he would concede. You win there. Although.. He does pretty good guessing “whodunnit” on all those Criminal Minds shows. That’s what you do right?
    He’s always loved that stuff, I guess his lowly life experience isn’t going to measure up to your big time degrees in forensics and engineering. Both very relevant to this discussion, I’m sure.

  9. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    Mo, Kyle, Nosuchthingascant, or whatever you prefer to be called… My name is Jessie not Jesse. Your IP is logged and saved. We get those addresses as the author to see who is a troll. Guess who won?? Seriously, see a psychiatrist. You are inventing accounts to defend yourself. Get help! I will not respond to you again. I do not engage psychopaths.

  10. Kyle J. Humphrey
    Kyle J. Humphrey says:

    I guess I’ll send my friend the link next time. I showed him on my cel and he replied using that.
    Psychopath? I think you may want to return to school, I’m simply standing up against a term that has been used to shove me into classes with students who have delays and have had enough of people in society telling me what I can and cannot do even before they meet me.
    Can you tell me what is abnormal to you about my behaviour knowing that I’ve lived my whole life being discarded and told I would amount to nothing?

    If you’re going to call me a psychopath I would definitely enjoy a reply, maybe even a personal email since you’re “tracking” me.

    I would definitely love to sit and tell you all about my story.
    I do apologize for misspelling your name, it happens to me all the time and bugs me too!
    Jessie. Got it!

  11. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    Why are you apologizing for you misspelling my name when “your friend” is the one who did that? Interesting that neither of you know that Jesse is considered the masculine form and my name is clearly spelled there. Caught ya sweetie, but nice try. You are an online troll and you want me to email you? Would you like me to address you as Kyle, Mo, James, Ky, or Nosuchthingascant? Your name is Kyle after all. Would you like me to use your,, or your gmail? I am not tracking you, but you seriously need to drop your pity me act Ky. You have a special way of crying no you can’t disagree with my opinion! For the record James, you would know Srgt is not a military rank if you were actually military.

    How great that your lifelong friend was there to list every detail or your discrimination and emphasize the tears in your eyes. Wait didn’t you say it was you defending being shoved into classes you didn’t belong in? But you didn’t Kyle, “Mo” did. He’s on some stalker level friendship isn’t he? Psychic even to know your thoughts that are concerning topics from years ago yet current in your mind 20 years later? Yet you don’t respond to tell me of your success when I ask you to tell me what is stopping you from being one of those men. You asked me to see what people can do with a disability. I told you and now I am an uppity b*tch with book smarts which CLEARLY has nothing to do with what a disabled person can do right? You have no issue responding when you get called out. Let me guess here how you were going to be this big man and let it go until your friend said screw that bruh, this is our fight because I got you! You couldn’t answer a question? My lack of life experience? You stalk our blogs so you know my life experiences.

    No honestly I was moved, until he started talking about your t-shirt and fake tattoo business and mentoring people by saying they don’t have disability. What is it you prefer? Oh yes physical difficulties. That’s very inclusive for those with mental illnesses isn’t it? It’s also more than difficult to hear when you are deaf is it not? Let’s not accept that we have a difference when we can identify each other by our hair color as you prefer. Care to tell me how it feels to be the “n” word now?? That IS how you want people to be identified by your own quote is it not? Now yes I am done responding because you are seriously messed up on so many levels and there is no need to explain further on why I said it. I meant it. Get help!

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