Military Diet Results – Yes It Works for a Quadriplegic Too!

Military Diet Results – Yes It Works for a Quadriplegic Too!

If you’ve been following the my blog, you know that last week I started a short diet called the military diet in an effort to lose 10 pounds. It’s an interesting diet as you can read about in my previous blog, and I am here to report that it was an interesting week as well.

The good news? I’m pretty sure it worked! The bad news? It’s going to be hard to verify how much I lost. The reason being – it’s hard to weigh a quadriplegic. The only time I can really get my exact weight is at the doctor’s office when they use the wheelchair accessible scale. I love that thing, but I’m glad I do not have one in my own home because I would be the anal person weighing constantly. So I’m glad I can’t easily weigh myself anymore, ironically.

But I can tell it worked just by looking at my body. There are certain rolls of fat that you just hate, and both are now smaller. It feels good! I love seeing results in such a short amount of time. It was only a diet you have to be on for three days too, and by a full week you should’ve lost 10 pounds. When you’re only eating such a low amount of calories however -1000 a day – it’s no wonder it works.

For quadriplegics, they’re actually only recommended to eat around 1250 calories a day, which isn’t far off from what this diet requires. I was thinking I should modify the diet then a bit lower to get the same results, but I know I would just get too crabby with all the hunger pangs. And I won’t lie – this diet is full of hunger pangs that you have to learn to ignore. Fortunately for me, being paralyzed made me strong in this department.

It’s really frustrating being paralyzed as you can imagine, which is why I relish the control I can have when it comes to losing weight & working out. It’s nice to be able to improve your body, even if you can’t erase the paralysis. I know a lot of people with SCI can relate to this. Definitely a human nature thing, and nothing to be ashamed of.

And the cool thing about this diet is that you can revisit it every week. If you feel like you still need to lose more weight, go on the diet again for three more days the next week. The meal plan is really basic too, making it easy and cheap to whip up.

To make things easier on me, I did have my PCA do some of my meal prepping, which helped a lot. If you’re a quadriplegic reading this, definitely explore the meal prepping world; it will change your life even if you’re not on a diet. Having to come up with new meal ideas every day can be exhausting, which is why I love this diet. It tells you exactly what to eat at every meal.

My ultimate goal is to finally have the flatter stomach I’ve been wanting, and just had only a few years ago. It is so hard to lose that stubborn belly fat when you’re paralyzed. It really is all about what you eat that determines how big your belly gets post-injury. I know I can get there, but it will probably take me a couple of more weeks.

Also side-note: I’m super excited about a brand new way to get rid of body fat if you’re paralyzed that I just heard about – coolsculpting. One of my PCA’s is going to skincare school and just told me about it. It’s a fat-reducing same day treatment that works almost as good as liposuction. Even though each treatment costs at least $750, it does seem to be a permanent fix. I’ve even seen quadriplegics on YouTube talk about how it helped them eliminate their “quad gut”.

If you come to the conclusion that I lean on the vain side, that’s probably accurate. I just hope that if you too are paralyzed and lack the motivation to start losing weight, I’m here to say that the Military Diet really does work. It’s a great kickstarter that can’t get any easier.

Have you tried the Military Diet?

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