After 24 Years of #QuadLife, I’ve Found the Best Bed EVER

After 24 Years of #QuadLife, I’ve Found the Best Bed EVER

Not many people in the world respect the bed. I know I certainly was one of these people not so long ago, even as someone living with paralysis. When you’re paralyzed at my level, you’re really only concerned about one big bed detail – does the bed have an adjustable base? But there are a slew of other factors I should’ve been taking into consideration.

Namely put – the mattress. I’ve heard people with SCI talk about memory foam mattresses in various forums online, but I never took the conversation to heart. Probably because I was always comfortable in my own bed. Up until recently, the last bed I purchased was in 2007, and it was a queen Sealy/Serta bed with an adjustable base.

However something crazy happened recently that made it break, leaving me in an emergency situation. Since I live alone, having an adjustable bed is a must because I cannot sit up without help. But suddenly it stopped working one night, leaving me in a panic. It lurched and dropped :/ Luckily, I had my portable adjustable bed blowup wedge that allowed me to be able to be independent at night, and alone, until my dad was able to fix the bed.

Unfortunately however, after getting under the bed and looking at the wheels, they were no longer round, and had become square. A very expensive thing to fix, especially since some of the metal was bent as well. This left me feverishly looking for a new bed, searching everywhere from Craigslist to eBay. This is where things get hairy.

I was able to purchase a split king adjustable bed base on eBay for $799, but when it arrived, the bed was terribly broken (the shafts in each of the motors had been snapped during shipping; likely from the entire bed being dropped). I’m so glad I bought this bed via Paypal Credit because I am still trying to get my money back. And the sad part is that the seller had a good rating, which is why I went with him.

I do not have my money back yet, but I do have a brand new bed in my bedroom thanks to finding an ad for a split king adjustable bed the moment it was posted. And the bed is a Select Comfort Precision split king adjustable bed base. And I was able to get it for only $500; a steal because the couple selling it wanted it out of their garage that day.

The bed is so quiet that when you raise the head or the feet you literally do not hear anything. Such a refreshing feature. Never have I been in an adjustable beds so quiet. It also has massage and wave built-in, but one of the best parts is that the bed splits in two, allowing me to do what I need to do in the middle of the night without waking up my boyfriend. Usually these beds go for about $1000 – $1500.

And I had to buy new mattresses, so I decided to go with the foam mattress option after consulting many other people with spinal cord injuries, and they were right – they are life changing. I bought two Lucid twin XL mattresses on Amazon (only $184/each!) and its crazy how they support you everywhere. My curvy back has never felt better.

So even though it was a last minute spendy purchase, my old bed breaking was a blessing in disguise. Having a great bed is important since we spend so much of our lives in bed; with this bed that prospect sounds more enticing than ever.

What type of mattress/bed do you love as a quadriplegic?

 Lucid 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

 Photo courtesy of Flickr

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  1. Jenni Taylor
    Jenni Taylor says:

    As a C-1 C-2 quadriplegic, I am unable to move from the neck down. Thus, my nurses have to change my position frequently while in bed to prevent pressure sores. For further protection, I have an air mattress called Span America Pressure Easy Air that I lay on. It gets plugged in and what it does is alternates air throughout the inside of the mattress allowing the pressure to change from one spot to another. It’s so comfortable because I have that constant feeling of movement in which I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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