Love Notes

Love Notes

Love Notes.

They are the best. Cute little misspelled scribbles from my boy. There’s misshaped hearts and smiling faces, scribbles where mistakes were made.

In my eyes, no mistakes. Only perfection.

Gunnar can triumphantly reach and take hold of a marker, placing his fingers into proper formation to glide it on the paper. He is able to move that right hand, forming letters and symbols all while his left holds the paper still!

Beautiful Brain-based coordination that most of us take for granted.

He hands me that note and I beam! My eyes well up at the glory that is his ability!

Some might say, I’m dramatic, sending exaggerated amounts of praise for such a little feat.

Yet, I know as you know, those of you who dwell in CPLand, Love Notes of independence are like gifts from above.

For while one child’s quick etchings on paper bring me joy, the other fights to just reach forward to make contact with the marker before it rolls from the table. We make strokes on paper together, hand over fisted-hand.

My Roa’s independent Love Notes come in the form of bright eyes that shine, a lean in to my shoulder, or a grab at my face.

Those notes are just as worthy of exaggerated amounts of praise, for with them there is no mistake,

Only perfection.

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