A Letter For The Best Parents

A Letter For The Best Parents

My dad had written a really sweet blog to my sister Taylor and myself about what he wanted us to know about our disabilities and how he saw us as perfect. I thought it would be fun and nice to write one to my parents so they know what they mean to us. My parents are not perfect though because my dad is nuts and my mom is even more crazy. We still love them though.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Tay, Livvy, and I want you to know that you are the best parents in the whole wide world. Both of you have survived very hard lives and worked very hard so that we would always have everything we need or want. I know that there are a lot of kids who are not as blessed as us and they do not live in happy homes. Even when things are hard at our house it is always a happy house because it is full of family that loves us. I want to say thank you for everything that you do for us and for how you always put us first. Even when you were in the hospital because you were sick or needed to have surgery you always put your own feelings aside to smile for us so that we would not be as scared. I know that everything you do is so that we have better lives and do not have to work as you both did. We are very lucky kids to have either one of you for parents. We are the luckiest kids in the world to have the family that we do. You are the strongest people I know.


I remember when I was very little and you worked and went to school too. I remember that you would wait to do your school work until I went to bed so that you could play with me after dinner. You were always there to give me a bath and play rubber ducky fights and to read me stories before bed. You read them all to me to make me happy even if I picked five books. I did not understand how hard you had to work to become a doctor. I am sorry for all the times that I would not listen and go to sleep so that you would stay and snuggle me longer instead of writing your papers. I remember a lot of mornings I woke up and found you sleeping at the kitchen table. I was too young to know everything you had to do. I was old enough to know that you would do anything to make me happy. Thank you for doing all of those things for us.

You were so brave when you had to fight cancer. When the medicine hurt and made you cry and throw up I would cry too. You would say do not cry Jellybelly. Nothing hurts more than fear and I am not afraid. Pain is only a feeling and feelings change. God has us. You always smiled because you said you had a million reasons to be happy and we were at the top of the list with God. I remember praying so hard please do not take my mom away. Tay was scared too and I would tell her what you told me. You still went to church when we went home a few times between your treatments. You would stand up in front of everyone and tell them that we must praise God even through the storms because he is showing us our strength and his power to heal. You said faith was for the good and bad times. If we lose faith during the bad times then we never had faith. God gives us what we need and not what we want. It is not God’s job to give us what we want. He gives us the tools like medicines, schools, and opportunities but we must be brave and take them and fight hard to achieve our dreams. You turn even the worst things into opportunities to teach us more and to show us how to appreciate everything. When you get sick from your MS and Lupus and can not get out of bed you still make time for us and we have movie parties. You do not let anything stop you from being our mom. That is why you are the best.


You are so strong and brave even when you are scared. You took care of us when mom was sick even though you were as scared as we were too. You fight your problems every day to be the best dad. You adopted Tay and me too so nobody could say we were not your kids. You are always proud of us when we figure out something new. One of my favorite memories is from a basketball game. I made a 3-point basket and I looked over and you gave me a fist bump from across the court and yelled great shot baby girl. It was hard when it was just me and mom. I remember when you moved into your house and you would always bring Cain outside so he could run over to play with me if I did not have any friends to play with. You were my best friend and would pretend to like everything that I did. You taught me how to play soccer and how to improve my jump shot. You used to tell me I was going to be a famous NBA player and put all those boys into their places and it would make me laugh. Anything we need you always make sure we have whether it’s new clothes or hugs to feel better. You snuggle us all day when we are sick and take care of us. You make us our favorite foods and laugh when Livvy throws it at you and all over the kitchen. Tay says you are the best daddy because you play with her and her bunnies.

I know you have anxiety and it makes it hard for you to be in places with a lot people. You never let it stop you from coming to all my games and to our dance recitals. You never let anything stop you from being the best dad ever. You did not have to be our dad but we love you and are the luckiest kids that you picked us. I remember when you and mom were dating. You told me she was ok but you would not have dated her if I was not so cool. You never made me feel like I was her kid and something that you had to accept as part of it. You would take me places while mom worked and could not be there. You always put me first even before you dated and were friends. Instead of having a babysitter you would ask if I wanted to come hang out at your house and play video games or go to Build-A-Bear. You were the best dad before you were even my dad. I know you do not remember a lot of things but I do. I remember all the things you do for us and to protect us so nothing bad happens to us like it did to mom. You say you are blessed to have the best kids but we are blessed to have the best dad.

We love you both very much. Even though Livvy can only scream “no” and say a few words I know that when she gets older she will say the same things. I know I will go off to college in a few years but Tay and Livvy still have a long time to grow up. Sometimes I get jealous of all of the time I know they still have with you but then I remember all of the time that I had you both to myself and that is special to me. You tell us we are perfect and exactly how God wanted us to be. You taught us that we are not disabled but special and that one day the whole world will understand why we were gifted to be different. Thank you for being the best parents.


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