Body Shaming People with Disabilities

Body Shaming

Body shaming is a huge problem in our society and it comes in multiple forms. The fact is that no two people have the same shape, nor were we meant to all look the same. You’re too tall, short, fat, thin, dark, light, or have a physical difference. I don’t know why society feels it is okay to make people think there is something wrong with them. Being a cancer patient I am underweight. I’m also naturally extremely small to begin with. When I’m out with my family and we stop to eat I am very particular because I have to be that way. I have celiac disease and eating any gluten will cause my intestines to swell shut from my stomach. I won’t get into the details, but it’s pretty darn gross and extremely painful. This condition will last for days all from eating one cracker or piece of bread. I’m also a vegan and my food options are limited by choice. There is nothing worse than standing in line and hearing someone behind us snickering about how I’m clearly suffering from an eating disorder and need to eat a cheeseburger. No! I’m sorry that my small stature offends some people. I understand that it has been a problem in society for people who are overweight to feel judged and teased. How is anyone fixing the problem by telling me I have an eating disorder? I’ve often been told that men want meat and not a bone. Men want curves on their women. Hey people, I still have curves, they are only smaller.

The worst part of this situation comes for my children. My young teenage daughter is 6ft tall. My entire family is tall except for me. I decided to do gymnastics and it stunted my growth. My child’s father was 6’6. She’s going to be tall, awkward, and lanky until she grows into her frame. How dare someone tell a child that she’s too tall and no man will ever find her attractive. She’s 15 and concerned about her weight because as she grows she requires a larger size. She is extremely thin in a size 4 at her height and is worried about her size. Why should she feel this way because she eats healthy and is athletic? Do you know what causes eating disorders? Constantly being told you’re too big or too small. I do have an eating disorder from being a gymnast, and like any addiction, I will have it for life. I need to watch my weight to make sure my treatments are not causing me to become too thin. Anyone who calls me a skeleton clearly has no self esteem or they wouldn’t need to attack a perfect stranger. 

My husband faces a different type of body shaming. He does suffer from moderate muscle atrophy due to his injury. He’s heard the comments. Why would anyone talk about someone because they are in a wheelchair? Hey there skinny legs. Do you feel good about yourself? Do you think that he doesn’t question his worth enough with all of the other changes that came with his injury? You know what you can do with your judgment? You can kiss my skinny butt and take your problems elsewhere. It might be small, but it’s still round! Stop the hate for yourself and perhaps then you can stop hating other people for being different.

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