Living Healthy Doesn't Make Me Healthy

Living Healthy Doesn’t Make Me Healthy

I discovered that after having a spinal cord injury staying healthy is not as easy as it was once upon a time. I was in great shape before my accident and since then have continued a rigorous exercise program and a healthy diet. So someone please explain to me how I am now 36, have a pacemaker, and my wife’s Pops who is in his 90’s is in better physical condition than me. The man sleeps 4 hours a day to wake up and meditate before doing tai chi. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. I know the man lives to humiliate and torture his grandkids and great grandkids with his practical jokes and stalking them to catch every possible blackmailing moment on film, but I spend 2 hours a day in the gym with my wife 7 days a week.

I knew that I have a bone density problem that is progressing at an alarming rate even for someone who is sedentary and eats like crap. I’m not that guy! My wife is vegan so you can probably guess that there is a ton of produce and vegetables happening in our home. I eat an extremely high lean protein diet. We don’t keep a ton of processed foods in our home. Our house is blessed to have several food issues. My wife has celiac’s so she can’t have gluten. This means everything is cooked from scratch. Bella is allergic to peanuts. Tay has an addiction to string cheese. I won’t even lie it’s probably what sustains her along with yogurt and grapes. I don’t know how Olivia is alive, because food does not go into her mouth, but our dogs are becoming fat and think she is the baby god sent from the heavens to give them snacks. It would be so much easier and cleaner to put her plate on the floor and say screw it.

I take prescription level vitamins to try to slow this down. I don’t get it, because I’m doing everything right and I am literally falling apart. I had a heart attack, but I have no clogged arteries. I apparently have some weird heart arrhythmia and needed a pacemaker. Well that was a fun time. Then I developed this wonderful issue of waking up in so much pain that I literally could not move myself. Once I was seated in my chair by my ginormous brother-in-law it stopped. My hands began going numb while laying down. I have pitched nerves? How does this happen to someone who is in a wheelchair? Now I have to see a chiropractor who specializes in SCI patients. How is my spine moving to pinch nerves when it is half hardware at this point?

What is a person supposed to do when you’re already doing everything possible to stay healthy and it’s still not happening? I’m going to keep on going because I don’t have a choice not to do so. Hopefully there will be new advances in medicine to help us out. We can’t give in to our disability or we will become it. I refuse to be that guy.

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