Top 10 Special Needs Products of 2016

As a parent of a child with cerebral palsy, I am always on the lookout for products that can improve my son’s life. Here’s my favorite adaptive products of 2016.

  1. Flexi 3 iPad Case

    Flexi 3 IPad Case
    Flexi 3 iPad Case
    is an extra-strong, triple-stranded armed mounting system with detachable iPad case. The mount provides easy and flexible positioning while offering great security and protection of your device. Flexzi 3 allows a longer reach for clamping to wheelchairs, bed frames etc.  The case has its own carry handle and can be removed for portability. The iPad case comes in three fun colors for children and can be clamped or positioned at any angle to make access easier for children with special needs to engage with their device. While great for kids, it’s also special needs parent and caregiver friendly making it fast to install and use and transfer from one piece of adapted equipment to the next.

  2. Sweedie Kid Bibs

    Sweedie Kid Bibs
    Sweedie Kid Bibs
    are Scandinavian style bandana bibs. Each one is hand made with beautiful colors, unique patters, and soft fabric. There are a wide range of age-appropriate prints for growing children still in need of bandana bibs. Bibs range in sizes from small to extra-large and are highly absorbent. These bibs remain soft and plush even after multiple washings, and pair nicely with a wide arrange of outfits so they don’t stand out as bibs, but rather double as a fashion statement or attire. These bibs help children who have difficulties with drooling and require daily bibs making them less obvious of that need when they are engaging with their peers.

  3. Safe Place Bedding

    Safe Place Bedding
    Safe Place Bedding
    is a safety bed that can be set up and deflated in less than five minutes. It’s lightweight design makes for easy travel by ground or air. The bed is made of high-quality materials that can withstand kicks, bites, and movement and the design provides virtually no risk of entrapment. Safe place bedding is easily strapped into place for use on top of any mattress or can be used on any flooring surface. The Safe Place Bedding also comes with a convenient travel bag. While it’s designed as a travel bed many children with special needs also like to use it as a safe place or sensory cave.

  4. Brookstone 4 in 1 Bed Wedge Pillow

    Brookstone 4 in 1 Bed Wedge Pillow
    The Brookstone 4 in 1 Bed Wedge Pillow is made with high-density, breathable foam in the core for enhanced support. Surrounding layer of memory foam conforms to the natural contours of your body. The Wedge pillow’s body-conforming memory foam provides pressure-relieving support while sitting up, lying down while gently elevating the head, or under legs. This pillow makes a great option for sleeping or for therapy exercises. Because this wedge pillow has different positioning options it is great for children that are growing or that are stronger at the beginning of a therapy session, but need more support towards the end.

  5. CarpetSaver

    is a soft, washable floor runner made of  80% cotton, 20% polyester terry cloth. When soiled it can easily be picked up, shaken out, machine washed and dried as needed. The absorbent terry surface grabs liquids and debris so it won’t be tracked around should someone step in it.  CarpetSaver clings to carpeted stairs for smooth traffic flow while keeping stairs clean.  On bare floors such as hardwood, tile and laminate, the foam grips when weight is applied, providing a safe pathway of traction, where it otherwise could be very slick, especially when wet. The product is not suitable for walkers, but works very well with wheelchairs. It is essential if you have a child that drools frequently on flooring, has occasional incontinent accidents or incidents of vomit or acid reflux, as the foam backing prevents any moisture from soaking through onto the floored surface beneath it.

  6. KicKee Pants Clothing

    KicKee Pants Clothing
    KicKee Pants
    is a clothing line that is made from Made of 95% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Spandex and is chemical free. The clothing line is exceptional soft and breathable making it a suitable and good option for children with special needs whom have medically fragile skin conditions, sensory challenges to fabrics, or require soft fabrics so not to irritate reoccurring eczema or other skin rashes. The clothing line has sweet themes and prints that make them a desired line for parents of both boys and girls. Some insurance companies even recognize Kickee Pants as a brand of medically necessary clothing, making funding less challenging.

  7. Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray

    Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray
    The Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray is a rolling tray that can be universally used with wheelchairs, standers, gait trainers, and activity chairs. It comes in four fun colors, two sizes, and can be easily and quickly adjusted for different heights without the need for tools. This tray is great from homeschooling desk needs and craft activities to a TV dinner tray. Because it’s a product that works well with any piece of adapted equipment it is a must have item for children with special needs.

  8. Taga 2.0

    Taga 2.0
    Taga 2.0
     is a front loaded child carrier bike that allows a caregiver to assist a child or children who are unable to physically pedal a bike. Taga 2.0 has lots of add-ons, accessories and options to be able to customize a bike to each family’s individual needs. The bike is modestly priced making it a viable option for families of special needs children. It also has the ability to carry more than one child making it a great opportunity for family participation. Taga 2.0 also has options to be a manual bike or an electric bike, which is a great option for growing children with special needs. The bike also has the option of a recline feature, which is great for children who are unable to sit at a 90 degree upright angle or those that need to be reclined for breathing assistance, positioning and/or to manage secretions easier. 

  9. Thomashifen Recaro Monza Car Seat

    Thomashifen Recaro Monza Car Seat
    The Recaro Monza Nova 2 Reha Adaptive Booster-Type Car Seat offers several features and functions to accommodate children with special needs. The car seat has a seat and back with an integrated height-adjustable headrest. A 5 point position belt with upholstered fasteners, reclining wedge option, and rotating base for easy loading makes this car seat a popular choice. While the wedge pillow for reclining and the footrest and front loading option are not all accessories that are compatible with use at the same time, all features often offer families a wide range of uses from airline travel to vehicle travel. This car seat is also an excellent choice for smaller framed and lighter children, and keeps them snug and comfortably positioned.

  10. Feejays

    are sweatpants with super cozy, ultra plush, sherpa fabric lined feet!  The feet can also be pulled back if you’d like to set little toes free and put on shoes to cruise outside.  For children with special needs who aren’t a fan of shoes, or who also have difficulties regulating body temperature and need extra warm clothing Feejays are a must. They wash and dry beautifully and the fabric maintains it’s full soft texture even after multiple wears. Feejays are also excellent for children needing a bit of extra foot grip in a gait trainer or stander.

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