A Child's Perspective: Growing up with a Disability

A Child’s Perspective: Growing up with a Disability

This week, Jessie+Luke‘s oldest daughter Isabella has shared her thoughts on what it’s like to be a child with a disability.

Hi everyone. My name is Isabella, but everybody calls me Bella or Izzy. I wanted to write a few blogs for a bunch of reasons. I want to help my parents raise money for Christmas toys for families. I want to tell you about my parents and what is like to live with them. I also want to talk about what it’s like for me and my sister Tay to live with disabilities as kids. I guess I will start with my sister’s life and mine.

My sister Tay is 5 years old and is very nice. Sometimes she is a brat when she goes in my room and wrecks my action figures. She had some kind of throat cancer when she was a baby and now she can’t talk. She breathes through a hole in her throat. My sister is really pretty, but people told her that her throat was ugly so she tries to hide it. Kids laugh at her because she can’t talk and adults point at her and stare. It makes her cry and it makes me mad. My sister is just little and people should know better than to be mean to a little kid. My sister can talk. She uses sign language like deaf people except she can hear. She likes to watch My Little Pony while she plays with her ponies. Her whole room is My Little Ponies. She loves them. She has two pet rabbits and a hamster. I have a pet hamster too. She likes to do everything other kids like to do. She even likes the baby and to play with her. She likes to help mom and dad do things at home. The only thing my sister can’t do is speak using her mouth. I don’t like when people are mean to her or scared of her. It really hurts her feelings a lot and I wish people would think about that. Why would they want to make a little girl cry?

I’m 15 and I am what they call a high functioning autistic. What the world tells me is that is a polite way of telling me that I’m retarded. I have a genius IQ so how can I suffer from retardation of any kind? I think differently. They are the idiots who can not use the word properly. Why are they calling me retarded? I’ve also learned in life that being half black is somehow a new disability I was born with. I get called the big bad “N” word a lot and it doesn’t offend me, because the word means ignorant. I am not ignorant by any definition of the word. It doesn’t mean black. I know that I have a disability, but being an adjective is not one. I am a person, not an adjective. If you don’t know what that means then you are probably a moron who uses the “N” word or retarded to label people. I am a normal 15 year old girl. I’m 6 feet tall. I play basketball, volleyball, run, and take karate and dance lessons. I like riding horses and anything do with art. I have a boyfriend who is very sweet. My parents are very strict about what we watch on TV or listen to on our iPods. I am a lot of things but I am not a freak and neither is my sister. We have feelings too. We are kids not a disability. We can do anything.

Don’t stare at us. Don’t call us names. Don’t be mean period. We are kids so act like adults.

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