New Redesigned EasyStand Bantam Small and Extra Small

Introducing the Redesigned Bantam Extra Small and Small Pediatric Standing Frames

We have updated and redesigned the EasyStand Bantam extra small and small pediatric standing frames and also introduced new options and accessories. We have combined the best of the Bantam medium and the Zing product line to create the most advanced pediatric sit-to-stand standing frame on the market today.

New Trays + Tray Options

New Push Handle

Updated handle has been redesigned to work with supine and dual controls, making maneuvering the stander more manageable for caregivers.

New Supine Mechanism

Supine mechanism has been updated to match Bantam medium control for ease of use.New Bantam Small Supine Controller

Lift Mechanisms

  • Gas Spring Lockout: Locks gas spring in any position from lying down to fully upright and prone positions.
  • Dual Control: Allows both foot and hand control of the gas spring lift.

New Hygienic Covers

Hygienic Cover Patterns for the EasyStand Bantam

New hygienic covers for the seats, backsheadrests, and trays. Slip on covers are washable and available in five different pattern choices.

New Calf Pad

The calf pad provides additional support while in the supine position.


Expanded options for lateral supports, including those offered on the Zing standing devices and additional options sizes.

Form to Fit Headrest

New Form to Fit Headrest for EasyStand BantamForm to Fit headrest has thicker padding and a neoprene cover to provide additional support for the child.

Redesigned Back Options

Form to Fit and Planar back supports are now available in taller sizes.

New Color Options

Frame Color Options for the EasyStand Bantam Extra Small and Small Standing Frames.The Bantam extra small and small frames will now be available in four colors: green, purple, white, and orange. Red and blue color options have been discontinued.

Foot Holders

Foot holders are now available in three sizes.

  • Bantam Extra Small
    • Extra Small (6″Lx3″W)
    • Small (7.75″Lx3.25″W)
    • Medium (9.75″Lx4″W)
  • Bantam Small
    • Small (7.75″Lx3.25″W)
    • Medium (9.75″Lx4″W)
    • Large (11.75″Lx5″W)

Foot Support Accessories

Additional sizes for both the Foot Straps and Secure Foot Straps provide for more precise foot positioning.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are available in three different sizes for a more personal, supportive fit for the user.

Assist Handle Extension

The Assist Handle Extension is now standard on all Bantam extra small and small units.

Updated and Improved Bantam extra small and small pediatric standing frames


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    Pam says:

    Do you have any wagons equipment for the disabled? One that is deep enough for sitting while in motion.

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