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Ultimate Dream Gifts for the Wheelchair-User In Your Life

Other than a cure for their disability (or maybe they’re not in that camp), there are some amazing things out there for wheelchair-users. From high-tech wonders that bring the outdoors to our feet to luxurious accommodations for traveling the world, the world is ripe for the picking.

All-Terrain Wheelchair

A lot of amazing outdoor aka all-terrain wheelchairs have come to the market in recent years. From the HexHog to the Action TrackChair, there are some amazing wheelchairs that will take you anywhere your little heart wants to go – over logs, through mud and streams, they will even go through snow and up and down steep inclines.

The only problem is that most insurance plans won’t cover these, sadly leaving all-terrain wheelchairs a dream for most since they cost around $10,000 or more. Bringing this sweet wheelchair into someone’s life would definitely give you huge karma points.

Elevator Seat

An add-on for both manual and power wheelchairs, an elevator seat will bring the seat of a wheelchair up and down via a bar installed in the base of the wheelchair (think a barbershop chair; only it’s operated through the joystick). This heavenly accessory for wheelchairs brings things to your fingertips quite literally.

From sitting at bars to being able to see over someone at a concert, an elevator seat makes the entire world more accessible. They cost around $1500 when purchased as an add-on and are not usually covered by insurance either. Oh this world we live in.

First Class Plane Tickets

Flying is one of the most unpleasant experiences you can go through as a wheelchair-user. Planes simply aren’t the most wheelchair accessible traveling devices in the world. If your flight is only two or three hours, sitting in coach isn’t that bad, but if you’re flying several hours away (especially overseas), flying first class can make all the difference.

You just have a lot more room to move, shift your weight, fidget, even catheterize yourself if need be. And it’s also incredibly easier to get in and out of the plane since you’re right up front. First class is worth every penny as a wheelchair-user.

Post-Therapy Therapy

The new trend in rehabilitation (if you have the money) is going to even more rehabilitation after your insurance cuts you off, but I’m talking about “activity-based” therapy; the kind that Project Walk, Beyond the Chair, and NeuroFit 360 offer to those with spinal cord injuries. These therapy programs can cost a pretty penny (upwards of $150 an hour), making them very expensive for most people with disabilities. If the wheelchair-user in your life is interested in such a thing, this would be a most excellent gift.

I could keep going. The 2016 MV-1, the Freewheel attachment, adaptive sporting equipment, even a ceiling lift track system; there are so many great things that can change a wheelchair-user’s life. Now let’s all hit the jackpot and make some wheelchair-users happy, and happy holidays!

What dream gift would change your life as a wheelchair-user?

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