Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2016 Pageant

My Journey to the Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2016 Pageant

In 2011, I had the honor of being crowned Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota. This amazing experience gave me more confidence as a speaker and person. I also got the chance to inspire others by speaking to all ages and attending events with my crown and sash. I was able to take my first plane ride since my accident to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the national competition. I won 4th runner-up out of 26 contestants from various states.

It was a little sad when my year was up, but I was pleased to pass the title over and give someone else a chance to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I was able to. I enjoyed every minute and the end was bittersweet. I will never forget the things I did and the people I touched throughout my reign. Knowing that I didn’t want to stop there, the following year I decided to join the Board of Directors so that I could help make decisions in a bigger way.

In 2013, I was asked to become co-coordinator of Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota. Together I would join Anne Neumann, who was the current coordinator. With us would be our dedicated Board of Directors to help make decisions. I quickly said yes and am proud to be in the position I am. One of my tasks as co-coordinator of the organization now is to find contestants for next year’s upcoming pageant.

We are currently searching for contestants for Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2016! This flyer includes all the details. Please share with all of your contacts including friends, family, blogs, organizations, companies, social media, etc. Also, consider printing out the flyer and posting them in relevant locations. We hope to see a big turnout this year and with your help getting the information out I’m sure that will happen. It is greatly appreciated in advance!

In addition to the pageant, we will be holding a silent auction. If you are able to make any donations or know someone who can of any kind please let me know.

Jenni Taylor
Co-Coordinator Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota

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