When No Experts Can Help, DIY It

Wheelchair-users are no strangers to the world of DIY, that’s “do-it-yourself” for those not aware. DIY everything and anything has helped people with disabilities in amazing ways. From DIY ramps to DIY beach wheelchairs, the things people can create to help improve their lives if they have a disability are nonstop.

The only question most people have – is DYI a good idea? My advice? If you’re worried about creating something that may not be safe, look at the reviews/comments (if there are any) of the DIY creation in question and hopefully you’ll get your answer, or at the very least you’ll get enough information to make your worries go way about the validity of whatever you’re creating.

In our society we’re brain-washed to think that if it’s not made by an expert or in a factory somewhere, it’s somehow flawed and not as desirable. And more than anything we are led to believe it’s not safe, which is a huge belief that needs be corrected in most people’s minds.

If anything, creating something in a DIY-manner makes you cool and creative, as well as smart since it usually saves you money typically. Take this awesome DIY portable wheelchair ramp for example. This slick design requires minimal wood and is designed to cross doorway thresholds easily.

In the same vein, this DIY beach wheelchair is just as amazing. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars on a wheelchair that will allow you to go to the beach (and likely deplete your vacation fund), you can create a beach wheelchair following some pretty basic test steps.

In my own life, I have DIY-ed countless times. Clothing has definitely become an expertise of mine, and I love using duct tape and safety pins to modify certain clothing items that don’t fit correctly. Instead of finding a seamstress, which let’s face it isn’t easy, I’ve discovered safety pins to be my personal secret for looking fabulous sitting down.

When you pin your top (on the sides where nobody sees) to your bottoms, an amazing silhouette appears and if you use large enough safety pins, it will stay pinned all day. I started doing this a year ago now, and the way it has changed how I feel when I’m dressed is amazing. No one ever taught me this trick. It’s something I had to figure out on my own time, and I’m so glad I did.

The moral here – don’t be afraid of a little DIY. It doesn’t mean you’re cheap. Believe me, it just means you’ve gotten smart.

What DIY product have you made that might surprise people?

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  1. karol Wilson
    karol Wilson says:

    Hi ive adapted many things. Because I hate asking for help. I love to decorate and paint. So to paint up high i tape a brush on one end of a old broom or mop handle and bam there ya go instant painting tool!

  2. Christopher Karadjov
    Christopher Karadjov says:

    Interesting that I have found pushing a cart in the grocery story way, way easier (and more productive) than trying to balance things on my lap. It’s also kinda fun :)

  3. jeg
    jeg says:

    Hi everyone! I am a business student at Boston University. My teammates and I have to create a fictitious product that is currently not on the market. The product is an assistive walker that helps people with limited mobility get to the floor and backup. We have to survey many people and I was hoping if some of you would be willing to participate in the approximately 5 minute survey. Here is the link: https://bostonu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5A7LUSPeNFSjmtv . I really appreciate all the help! – See more at: http://www.jjslist.com/blog/2015-givingtuesday-announcement#sthash.Yr2Lb7X4.dpuf

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