Lake Day Activities

Lake Day Activities

There is nothing better or more relaxing than spending the day at the lake with friends and family. From the peaceful scenery to the myriad of available activities what more could you ask for on a nice day out? We have a beautiful lake a few minutes from our home and try to get there as often as possible when the weather permits.

We love having cookouts. Chicken, burgers, hot dogs, steak, side dishes, and snacks make for the perfect weekend lunch or dinner. We have everyone bring an item and bam, instant cheap great time away with the people closest to you. Most parks will have designated grilling areas and pavilions that are free to use for your get together.

Many parks offer playground areas near the pavilions, hiking trails, and even volleyball courts. If you have a bunch of people together you can make an entire evening out of it without ever leaving that area. The kids can play and the adults can have a few games themselves. We always find the little ones in our family using the sand pit as a sand box when no one is playing volleyball. See there are activities for everyone!

Those activities do not include the water, and that is definitely the best part of a day at the lake. Who doesn’t love to sit back with a cold beer and fish in the warm sun? You do not need to be a professional angler looking for record breaking fish to have fun. My kids use hot dogs and bread balls to catch their prizes. By the time my little one is done throwing food to the ducks the fish aren’t biting, but it doesn’t make it less fun sitting there waiting for that one.

Swimming at the lake is a no brainer unless you live in an area where there are prolific alligators. I know they say alligators avoid humans but I suggest against this activity. If there are no alligators or other dangerous creatures get in the water. Float around, use a tube, or swim for a while. The exercise will feel great too. Don’t forget your safety equipment if you plan on playing in the water.

Kayaking or canoes are available for rent at many state parks. I always find it so peaceful to sit on the water and take in the scenery. You can also have races and sightseeing trips on the water around the edge of the lake with your kids.

One of my favorite activities is the simplest. Throwing the tennis ball for my crazy dogs. They will do this for hours and love jumping off of the pier after that thing. It’s a great way for them to enjoy a cool dip and hopefully wear them out somewhat so they aren’t quite as crazy when we get home.

Having a great day at the lake won’t cost you more than gas for your car and food to eat. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and there is something around for everyone to have a good time.

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