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4 Cool Products to Improve Bathtub Accessibility

No longer should you leave your bathtub a dusty receptacle for dirty laundry and old memories of awesome baths of years past. I’m a girl, and even though I’ve been paralyzed for over 20 years I still have that gene that screams, “Oh man I need a soaking hot bath,” after a long and stressful day. But when you’re a quadriplegic, things get a little tricky in this department.

Because of a recent move, I now live in a place that actually has a bathtub. It’s so strange being overwhelmingly excited about something as mundane as a bathtub, but that’s how things are when you are deprived anything for years, especially something as awesome as a hot bath.

And after my first bath, I was hooked! However, I almost got a bed sore the last time I ventured in. I forget how bony my butt can be, bruising my tailbone like that. And I’m not getting into the tub by myself of course. I have a very strong PCA for when I want to go in (I do not have the money for one of those $600+ bathtub lifts).

And that brings me to my list that I’m sharing with all of you – the coolest bathtub accessibility products I’ve come across in my recent searches. These items below help make a bathtub just a wee bit more accessible, and don’t we all need a little bit of help? Check them out!


Inflatable Full Body Lounger

Inflatable Full Body Lounger

The perfect solution for anyone with sensitive skin, this inflatable full body lounger for the bathtub is only $10 and can bring a totally transformed experience to taking a bath. It has suction cups to hold it place, and is full body in length so all of your important parts are protected from the hardness of the tub bottom.

Take a look: Inflatable Full Body Bathtub

Sammons Preston Padded Tub Cushion

A padded seat with suction cups as well, this seat made for the bathtub is a great solution for those with sensitive skin. It’s less puffy and more low profile than the lounger above, making it easier to get onto. It’s constructed of a great foam material too and has suction cups.

Take a look: Sammons Preston Padded Tub Cushion

TubRail Saf-er-Grip

What’s great about this item is that it’s incredibly easy to install. It has “flip-up” release tabs making it possible to adhere this safety measure into almost any bathtub. This particular grip has an extra large hole in of the center of the handle too, make it easier for low level quadriplegics to use it. These grips are a must for assisting in transfers and positioning yourself once you’re in the tub. So great!

Check it out: TubRail Saf-er-Grip

Tub Transfer Board

For an item that currently is en route to my house, check out this double-duty transfer board made for the bathtub. It’s adjustable and can fit all widths and bathtubs. It also has a really cool build-in soap dish and drainage holes, and even a spot to put your soap once you’re in the tub (you can use it as a tub tray).

Check it out: Portable Tub Transfer Board

I think the takeaway is it’s always good to push your boundaries after years of not doing something. We allow ourselves to get into these ruts, not experiencing some of life’s greatest pleasures and thinking they’re too hard, only we were wrong.

Don’t be like me! Buy what you need and get in that tub now. You’ll be glad you did.

What kind of tub accessibility products do you swear by?

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