Genius Products for Wheelchair Users

Why Didn’t I Think of That? 4 Disability Products That Rock My World

Not every disability product is handy. Some are terrible, like wheelchair tire cleaners – I’ve yet to see one that works. Or the ridiculousness of sandwich holders. Can’t they make something that isn’t so top heavy? But there are a few products out there that are pure genius.

From cooking safely while sitting down (and getting extra countertop space without paying than $30) to the answer to traveling anywhere in the world without any worries of finding an adjustable bed, here are 4 products created for people with disabilities that are in my humble opinion, freaking amazing.


A couple of years ago I received this amazing cooking tool for free from a paraplegic starting a new business. Called My4Hands, it’s a large hard piece of plastic meant to sit on your lap giving you an extra space for putting things for whatever you’re doing, from baking cupcakes to painting.

It’s essentially a very basic lap tray that you can set on your lap, and the best part is that it protects from high heat, making it a great place to set warm pans. When I got this I didn’t think I’d use it very much, but over the last two years it’s blown me away at how useful it is. I bake and cook better, and quicker, because of this.

Having a very solid flat lap is useful for so many things, especially pouring liquids, and is even better if you have a teeny tiny kitchen without counters you can reach.

Check it out: My4Hands

Inflatable Adjustable Bed

For someone like myself with a high a spinal cord injury, and therefore no torso control, having a bed that is adjustable is a must. Needing such a fancy bed however is not such a great thing when you’re traveling.

Instead of searching in vain for an adjustable bed in obscure locations like Bangkok, you can purchase an adjustable inflatable incline bed. For only $134, you can have a bed that’s inflated with an air pump with a remote, allowing you to sit up independently whenever you need to.

Check it out: Raised Adjustable Air Bed

Skyrest Travel Pillow

For wheelchair users who can’t get out of their wheelchairs on their own, taking a nap is only possible if you’re able to fall asleep in your wheelchair. And for those of you who don’t have a tilt powerchair, the Skyrest Travel Pillow is the next best way to fall asleep in a wheelchair.

Inflatable with a soft cover, this 14″ wide by 12″ deep by 11″ high lap pillow is perfect for leaning into. Just put it on your lap and lean.

For quadriplegics like myself who have perfected the art of sleeping on accessible countertops (you pull on under, set down a pillow and lean onto the pillow) this is a much more seemly, not to mention comfortable solution.

Check it out: Skyrest Travel Pillow

Camelbak Water Bottle

Camelbak water bottles are magic. No matter how you hold them, even upside down, they don’t leak. These are great for taking a sip while lying flat on your back, taking a sip from a weird angle on your side, or any which way.

You can literally hold a Camelbak bottle upside down over your face and nothing will come out unless you suck on the straw, making it one of the best drinking tools for people with mobility challenges. No more wet face in bed. Yay!

Check them out (there’s a lot of styles): Camelbak Bottles

These are just four disability products over the last few years that have impressed me. While many others have impressed over the years, like tear-away pants and touch-screen phones (brilliant), these are the latest.

Which disability products do you think are the best of the best?

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  1. DS
    DS says:

    FlexSTICK Walking Cane…Designed & Built in the USA

    The FlexSTICK is American ingenuity at its finest—with our revolutionary cushioned design – providing the dynamic stability and amazing comfort that traditional style or other gimmicky walking canes fail to offer. We developed three independently functioning flexible legs to give you constant ground contact on most every walking surface. Each leg adjusts to variations of common surfaces such as brick, stone, grass, uneven or cracked pavement, gravel, and rough dirt terrain, allowing you to remain confident in your stability and balance.

    The FlexSTICK is designed by a physical therapist, with you in mind:flexstick-black-510×638

    Steady On All Surfaces
    Stylish Colors
    Superior Stability
    Spring-Loaded, Tripod Legs
    Comfortable Foam Handle/Grip
    Adjustable Height Choices
    FREE LED Flashlight
    Our unique design maintains three constant points of contact with most any surface and features a spring-loaded, shock-absorbing leg system that allows the FlexSTICK to adjust to the changing angle of the cane while walking. Our design helps you maintain stability and comfort to begin walking with confidence.

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