Why Can't We All Get Along: Cure vs Care

Why Can’t We All Get Along: Cure vs Care

We all remember the notorious cripple fight featuring Timmy and Jimmy from South Park. It had the entire world in a laughing fit, but I gotta say the real life thing from personal experience isn’t as funny.

It’s sad to see two sides who should be on the same side fight like cats and dogs, and this has been happening in my home state of Minnesota for much too long. To be specific, I’m talking about people with spinal cord injuries who would like nothing more in the world than to get better and they will go to any length to do so vs. those who’d rather focus on taking care of themselves in the here and now.

These sides have been fighting, sabotaging one another. The latter believes state and federal funds should never go to research and instead the money should always go to more practical means like caregivers and durable medical supplies. As someone who’s been injured for over 20 years, I can see both sides crystal clear, but it’s hard to watch both sides fight so strongly.

Specifically, there was a bill in the Minnesota last year that was heavily protested by the “care” crowd even though it was never heard, but it caused many politicians to shy away from it. And the tough part? It was the “cure” crowd who tried to get the bill passed. A local father of a young man with a spinal cord injury is spearheading the effort (learn more here).

So this year the “cure crowd” is back at the Capitol advocating this research bill once again, which would allocate millions of state funds for research at the University of Minnesota. And awesomely, the man behind the bill – Matthew Roderick – put on a luncheon for both sides to come together and talk; a pow-wow session if you will of fierce enemies.

Sadly even though no agreement was made – the “cure” group asked the leader of the “care” group to simply not protest the bill and they declined – it was a valiant effort on their part. These dreamers are up against stodgy stalwarts who have been paralyzed for more than 30+ years and view the allocation of state funds to research as a giant waste of money. It’s not easy.

I must admit it hurts to see these two groups exist in the first place. I never in a million years ever dreamt such fighting would occur between people in such similar places, yet it continues. I vehemently hope this is the year more headway is made.

Does the care vs. cure groups fighting frustrate you too?

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  1. richard
    richard says:

    Wow didn’t realize there was even a fight going on. Been a para for 40 years and I don’t worry about all that political stuff, and I sure don’t worry about a cure, not after all these years…

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