Busy Special Needs Family Routine

Back to School: The Return of a Hectic Schedule

Hazy Shades

Time time time…. See what’s become of me..

Remember that eighties song? So fitting for my life these days. I thought when Roa started Kindergarten and Gunnar went to preschool a few hours 3 days a week, I would be swimming in a giant pool of time! Not so much.

Routine is so very important to me and the kids. Establishing this new routine has been tough. For one, Bryan has been on the road for work a lot. When he is gone, I am in charge of it all. Secondly, getting Roa and Gunnar up, dressed, and ready for the day is challenging. Add in drive time to the preschool, stops at the grocery store or post office, drive back to pick up G…. and POOF! Morning gone.

It’s just another one of those times I kick myself. Thinking back to the “I WILL NEVER” and “WHEN I’M A PARENT” … judgmental thoughts I had as a single-nights-to-myself-teacher. Now I think, how in the world do parents DO all this?

Roa brings notes, iPad recordings, invitations to family nights, and fundraiser materials home every night! Then, we also have homework to add on top of dinner, bath, playtime, and bed. I can’t keep up and I’m a work-from-home-mom! My kids are Kinder and preschool age and we can’t keep up with our weekly calendar demands. How do the working parents of the world manage?

Sadly, the things that get shoved to the side are Roa’s stretching, repatterning movement exercises and reflex work. All those highly important components to maintain and increase independent motor skills, pushed to the back burner on our bubbling-over stovetop.

Guilt? Yep. Always. I wear that guilt well… like a favorite old pair of sweatpants that drives me crazy because they’ve lost their fit but I put them on everyday anyway. Because that is a routine I have found in CP land; a routine that sadly seems to work for my subconscious parent mind.

I haven’t been in the mind set to blog, dear EasyStand, which is truly like therapy for me. The good kind of therapy that I don’t have to keep an appointment to enjoy. I am too busy floating rapidly down this crazy river of Time. I will figure it out. I always do get into the swing of things eventually as the school year progresses. However, my goodness!…it’s already October and winter is whispering through the leaves! The boxes in the garage and basement will finally get unpacked, the friends and family we have been meaning to call or visit, will be connected with,.. but for right now… that all waits.

I am searching for that extra time…

…hmmm… where did I leave it? Possibly under my calendar… or mixed in with those bills that are past due…..I will look again after I drop off these cookies for PTA …and pick up Roa’s prescription….

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