Feeling & Movement After an ACI, Part 1

Feeling & Movement After a Spinal Cord Injury Part I: Feeling

Since September is spinal cord injury awareness month, I thought I’d share a little bit about what I can feel and move despite having a SCI, starting from the beginning. It is said that no two spinal cord injuries are alike, so please remember this simply my personal experience.

In most cases, people who have become paralyzed through a spinal cord injury, would give anything to be able to move or feel again. They may seek physical therapy, exercise programs, experimental surgeries and more in an attempt to regain the movement or feeling they once had. Getting any amount back is an amazing thing in itself, whether it’s of use or not. Even having the ability to move a finger or toe can mean the world to someone who’s paralyzed.

On November 1, 2002, at the age of 16, I was in a car accident. I broke my neck at C-1 C-2 and injured my spinal cord, instantly paralyzing me from the neck down. Due to my injury level, I’m on a ventilator and require nurses 24/7. At the time of my injury, I lost all movement and feeling below my neck. About a month afterwards I started getting a tingling sensation throughout my body. Although the doctors saw this as a good sign that things were reconnecting, I didn’t share the same “goodness” about what I was experiencing. It’s very hard to explain how my body felt, but the best analogy I can give is to imagine that your foot has fallen asleep. You know the pins and needles you feel as the blood starts returning? That’s what it was like for me. Not pleasant.

I was screaming inside while my doctors were trying to tell me promising things. The tingling was constant and so annoying I couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to do anything. Any time someone touched me it got worse. My neurologist put me on a medicine commonly used for patients with frequent seizures and it lessened the intense tingling to more of a dull feeling.

Over time more feeling started to return in different ways. Since the accident, I’ve had a Caring Bridge site that my family would post my progress on. This is what they posted about a month after my accident:

Wednesday, December 04, 2002 at 07:36 PM (CST)

Tonight I want to share some exciting news. Jenni can feel touching in her arms, mostly her left side. She closes her eyes, you can touch her hand, forearm, wrist, fingers, and she will tell you where you are. Not as sensitive on the left side, but evident. This is a very good sign. We will let you know more as we do.

Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 10:21 AM (CST)

There’s been a little change with the feeling. As posted Wednesday, she can feel touching mainly on her left arm, hand, etc. Now she can feel touching on her left calf, and also the bottoms of her feet. She is regaining some sensation, however nothing in the form of movement yet.

Throughout the years, my sensation has increased a lot. I have feeling everywhere but it is more predominant in some places than others. It all depends on where it is. I’m no longer on medication and the pins and needles sensation has stopped throughout most of my body, with the exception of my hands or feet. In my lower body, the feeling is duller and deeper, requiring a harder pressure.

As far as my upper body goes, I have more feeling on the left than the right. My greatest feeling is on my arms, more specifically the top of my forearms. The sensitivity is so strong that I can even feel a crumb, drop of water, article of clothing, strap etc. and tell someone where it was. I can also feel my muscles throughout my whole body, again better in some areas than others. That’s probably why I enjoy massages and stretching so much!

In my case, I can also feel pain. This is good because then I am aware that something is wrong but it’s also bad because it hurts. In a lot of spots (mostly in my neck, shoulders and back) it’s chronic and hard to manage. I’ve tried many interventions including therapy, medications, Botox, TENS unit and more all of which haven’t decreased the intensity of my pain for a long period of time. Hopefully I can figure out something to help in the future.

Spinal cord injuries differ so greatly depending on the breakage point, type of damage, location, completeness, etc. It’s very difficult for someone in my situation to explain every aspect of feeling. This is the best I can describe what I’m able to feel based on my injury. I’m very open and honest so if you have questions feel free to ask! In Part II I will describe the movement I have.

Do you have a spinal cord injury? Leave a comment to share your injury level and what you can feel.

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  1. Gary Cohen
    Gary Cohen says:

    Jenni, My prayers are with you & your family. As a person with a incomplete injury I relate to your feelings (physically & mentally) I know what your going thru. Keep the faith. Say hello sometime. Gary Cohen

  2. Josh
    Josh says:

    I have a spinal cord injury at L1 it was a compression fracture from a snowmobile accident a year and a half ago which left me an incomplete below my waist I have nothing around my waist the inside part of my hamstring muscles and I do have my quads with no muscle below my knees but I do have feeling throughout most part I also am on gabapentin for the pins and needles that are in my feet I walk with loft strands and use a wheelchair at work this is been quite a transition I am 38 years old with two children seven and nine and I loving wife

  3. Pat Fostmeier
    Pat Fostmeier says:

    Mine was Oct. 06
    I am a T7 complete. The only feeling I have is nerve pain the T7 area and burning piercing stabbing pain on the tops of my legs and feet. I am happy for the people who do get some real feeling back.

  4. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    On Thanksgiving 1987, was shot in a drive by. 38 hand gun. Severed my spine at t8. No movement till this day. God is good. Blessings to those whom can now move. – Jeanette Jaime

  5. RJ
    RJ says:

    My accident was 10/16/2010. C-4 incomplete quad. I fractured 1,2,3,burst c-4. I was paralyzed from the neck down for a few weeks and slowly regained sensation similar to yours from my upper chest down. I describe it as the feeling of being out in the cold way too long and then standing next to the heat. It burns a lot all the time 24/7, kinda like I’m on fire. I did take it as a positive when sensation returned and each new pain/spasm was an indication that connections were waking up. I still have considerable pain but it’s manageable. I find that pain tells a lot about what your body is doing. Initially anything that touched me hurt. The clothes, the shower, rain, wind, anything that touched the bottom of my feet, it hurt and made movement difficult. I slowly acclimated myself to the shower and rain. In order to walk I needed to trust that my feet would not freak out when they came in contact with the floor and ground etc. I would wheel my chair to the gravel and slide my feet off of the foot pads and move them around on the stones. Over time they didn’t even react to the simulation. Now I am walking with a limp on my right side and I have had to learn to write left handed as my right still has a lot of tone. I am still making gains even 4 years later. It was a little over a year ago that I was still using my power chair more than not and now I have not used my chair in over 6 months. As my neurosurgeon told me “you have to move to live.”

  6. marie weber
    marie weber says:

    Only sci people can relate and understand what we are going through each day. I am T9-L1 incomplete from AVM of spinal cord Feb 2013. Although I lost the feeling on my right leg, im able to move/walk (limping) again after being on a wheelchair for 6 months, then a walker, forearm crutches, then a cane.. Extensive PT’s until they can no longer do anyhthing for me anymore. im still Baclofen and Gabapaentin eversince for spasms and nerve pain that just dulls down the pain. still having bowel and bladder issues/infxn, accidents here and there. A year ago im able to drive again using hand control, as my right foot cant feel the break/gas pedal and it does not know its position when im not looking at it.. Feb of this year i am back to work as a nurse wrking with developmentally challenged clients. I started working using a cane and i recently just ditched it. i walk a lot at work, and i notice that when i do, i hardly feel the pain until i stop. i always feel the pain on my leg when i lay down at night or when i sit still. sometimes i just keep walking, so i dont feel the pain, bec the medicine just dont take away the pain. My neuro wants to increase the dosage, but i just refuse to do so. he just recently wrote a rx for Tizanidine for breakthrough pain, i hav never tried it yet. i give myself leg massage as much as i can. If i hav someone else do or touch my leg, it is just painful. sometimes i wonder if the nerve does really reconnects/regenerates.. it is the same symptoms when nerves has damage, and/or regenerates.. i am just hopeful and i tell myself, one day a time.. i just believe that someday it will get better. god bless you and god bless us all. Your blog, your story, our stories, all of us are worth sharing.

  7. Rosanne bushnell
    Rosanne bushnell says:

    My injury occurred in April 2010 from a epidural abcess compressing my cord from C4-T10. When I awoke from the extensive surgery to drain the infection, I was only able to move my right arm. My breathing was not compromised. With OT and PT I can use both my arms. I have sensation from my chest down to my feet. I have movement in my arms and shoulders. I cannot sit up or stand. I can move my toes but it is non functional. I have had some serious problems with spasms and tone and had a baclofen pump implanted in 2012. It has been very helpful but I still have some tone in my legs. I have had nerve pain since the beginning and continue to take gabapentin with moderate success. I am grateful for the use of my arms and ability to breathe. It is my mission to remain positive and it serves me well I think.

  8. Steve Miedema
    Steve Miedema says:

    Last week was 3 years since my motorcycle accident(10/21/’11). My injury is at T4 incomplete and I’m classified ASIA B/C. I have some sensation on my feet and toes and a few random spots on both legs and right buttock(for which I’m thankful b/c it tells me when I need to do a pressure relief f/ my butt). I can move my left leg and foot just a little bit, enough to make transfers etc. easier. I also have neuropathic bladder and bowel, but I can tell when I need to go so I can manage them quite well and regularly for which I’m also very grateful. I also have constant neuropathic pain , but I’ve also got that managed quite well as long as I stay on a consistent Gabapentin schedule all day and night. I can’t stand or hold my torso up very well, but I’m extremely blessed that I still have full use of my arms and hands! As critically serious as I was that first month in ICU with pneumonia and multiple complications, I’m blessed to even be here. God is good, all the time! Turn the page and move on… See my initial hospital journal thanks to my sister at Caring Bridges Steve Miedema …All the time, God is good!

  9. shiraz
    shiraz says:

    My prayers are with all of you. I feel very bad for my nephew who is in India and I cannot do anything for him I am also asking for God’s guidance for him to walk as he was an athlete before he met with this motor cycle accident and was running 5 miles 5 days a week. I am hoping all of you keep your spirits up and hard as it maybe, try to keep trying to get yours life’s back

  10. Aleezah
    Aleezah says:

    My bff had a motorcycle accident. He has always been extremely athletic and its been 5 months since his accedent. Im worried to as how much will he recover and if he will be able to do all the things he used to and still loves to do. I love him and will always love him no matter what his future holds. I i hope we are blessed with a full recovery. He feels his legs but cant stand able to only move toes and his arms ..i try to make him reach out to tuch my face he really wants too butbi see the struggle he has but at the same time he puts a good effort in to extending as much as he can he cant move his fingers or eat alone .. Any one have same experience and gained full recovery?

  11. shiraz lakhani
    shiraz lakhani says:

    I am hoping and praying that you and your bff find something new which will help you. My nephew is
    going thru the same issues, he is able to use his right hand and the feeling in his left hand is getting better and if I come across something which is believe is going to help I will put it in this blog and if you come across something which will help my nephew, please reach out. I will definitely say a prayer for you and your bff.

  12. Melanie Litten
    Melanie Litten says:

    I sit right. Now 13 days into my 21 year old daughters nightmare. She fell and broke c-5 fractured c-6. She is moving arms wrist but not hands she can feel pressure on both legs and feet but no movement yet. WE are praying and having faith. Just wanted to say hello and let me know anything that can be helpful

  13. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Hi Melanie –
    we are sorry to hear about your daughter’s fall. At 13 days post-injury I’m sure you, your daughter and family are seeking as much information as possible and trying to understand what to expect in the aftermath of a spinal cord injury.

    We wanted to reply to your recent comment on the EasyStand blog. We have a couple different video series that might be helpful for you and your daughter: the first is Life After SCI and Life after SCI shorts (short, individual topics). These were a series of interviews we conducted with individuals who also suffered spinal cord injuries.

    As you go through the initial hospital stay and in-patient rehab, remember that you are in control (even if it might not feel like it) of what equipment your daughter gets as she continues to heal. These equipment discussions may or may not have been had at this point, but for example – it’s likely she will have an initial equipment order before being discharged for things like a wheelchair, bath equipment, etc. One thing that may or may not have been discussed already is the importance of standing, not only during rehab, but as a long-term therapy done in the home after discharge – we were made to stand and research validates this claim that standing after an injury helps maintain bone density, maintains muscle and joint range of motion, and so much more. Standing as soon as possible after injury and following a regular standing program can help ensure individuals are ready for walking therapy and advanced medical technology. If a doctor or therapist hasn’t discussed standing – you should be starting the conversation now. This standing guide will help both you and your therapist understand the benefits and process of evaluating a standing program, as well as getting as stander funded.

    One additional thing I wanted to ask – our Life after SCI series has been viewed by thousands of people in the same situation as you and your family but we have not had the opportunity to share with others someone’s journey from their initial hospital stay, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab and life after the injury. If this is something you, your daughter and family would consider – we would love to find a way to share her story. If not, we completely understand. Either way, if we can help find additional resources or guide you through anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at EasyStand.


    Kyle Smith
    Marketing Manager
    Altimate Medical, Inc.

  14. Patrick Evans
    Patrick Evans says:

    Jenni… I am very impressed with your recovery. I am 57 and in June 8th of 2015 I suffered a stork in my spinal cord (known as an infraction), very rare and I was told I would never walk again, but my injury was at the T7/T8 incomplete and because of how rare they had nothing to go by.

    I suffered from the numbness from the waist down, but even from the first day of the stork I could feel touch, heat and cold. But the numbness (like my lower body was asleep) has progressed into the pins and needles (yes, very unpleasant), but my through PT/OT a TENS unit and working very hard, my right leg is moving up and down very well, my left leg had no movement until last month, now it can move 6 inches!

    I’m going to walk again with or without a walker. Two weeks ago I stood for the first time since June 8th of 2015, and it was awesome. You keep working and if you really want it, you can have it. I stopped listening to my doctors telling me I can do this or that, because each time I was able to prove them wrong!


  15. annie
    annie says:

    Hi my husband had a fall and had damage (incomplete) to c3 to c5, he could move arms but not hands, three months of waiting for a spinal hospital, and he lost most movement, plus had a series of infections, pins and needles and temperature surges. Finally accepted in a specialist hospital, one week total bed rest one week up. another infection, then up a week starting to use arms again but very week. now can move toes, and slight finger tips. nearly four months after the accident, could not feel legs or lower body but feeling slowly returned. now can feel everywhere hospital not excited about finger tips and toes but we were. any one had more improvement starting like this?

  16. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    Hi my name is Glenn from Philippines. My brother was in motor bike accident August 19,2016 two weeks ago. He can’t move both his left hand and leg no feeling or sensation at all but he can move his right hand and right leg.His doctor ‘s finding is SCI C4 or below half paralyzed. Doctor’s prognosis he will be bedridden permanently and even wheel chair he can’t use. After a week of being in Rehab he gain more progression on his body .he can feel sensation but he can’t do close and open with his palm in his hand. He does standing on tilt table/bed for more than 35 minutes every day and doing his daily exercises. Now his doctor said he will try to seat on the wheel chair if he can handle it. Now we still in the hospital doing his rehabilitation. hoping he will be normal again. I don’t have enough money but i am trying to save my brother’s life. If you want to see the videos of my brother you can add me on facebook so that I can show you or you can give me some advises sometimes…I need someone who had experienced on this. my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/gokz007 you can email me at glenncordoniga@yahoo.com

  17. William
    William says:

    Hi my name is William I got shot in my back August 22 , 2016 I’m 18 years old I’m a incomplete L4 L5 I got my feeling back in some parts of my leg like a few days after my surgery and some parts of my feet and I have some control over my bowels but I still have the Cath

    And listening to some of you guys stories make me feel better knowing I could some day walk again

    But I come here to tell you guys to never give up whatever body part you can’t move ask someone to help you exercise it because I wasn’t that strong in my arms or back but after a while I kept getting help and it’s coming along and put your trust in God he may not come right when you call him but he’s going to come

  18. Melanie Townsend
    Melanie Townsend says:

    My sister was in an auto accident Aug.of 2015, she fractured her C7 and chipped her C6 28th no damage to her spinal cord.She can move her shoulders and arms and hands but has little movement in her fingers.She can’t walk but has feelings everywhere.She has no control over her bladder or bowels.She has been told that She is as far advanced as she will ever be and it breaks out heart’s.She has been put in a nursing home because her husband could not care for her.She gets very little therapy there so now she is beging to loose the ability to feed herself also.She can move all parts of her body but can stand or walk.Does anyone have any ideas on what might help her.She is only getting worse.

  19. Paul Gibson
    Paul Gibson says:

    Hi Annie, I wondered how your husband was getting on? I can understand the feelings you’re having currently, it appears my father is in a very similar position, his accident was in August (when you posted your comment) so we are in about the same position as you were when posting your comment.

  20. Sozo
    Sozo says:

    Hi, I’m Sozo. My fiancé, his cousin and I had a car accident three weeks ago and I had three fractures on my pubic pelvic bone. Coz had demure fracture and a cracked hip. My fiancé had a C4 fracture. He underwent a surgery. During his recovery, at first he wasn’t able to move any part of his body from neck downwards. But after a week plus gradual physio, he is getting stable, but he can barely grapple his fingers, feels sensation on his legs but can’t move dem. Gradually he was able to sit on a wheel chair with help. He has got a very positive attitude to his recovery, its amazing and remains an encouragement to us and other patients. He is undergoing serious physio therapy now and I strongly believe with the help of God in his positive mind, he’d recovery perfectly to full activities very soon. This iz evident in my recovery, cz its so fast and fascinatibg doctors, taking way shorter than expected, same for my cousin. We are strong, winners and are conquerors. We thrive in perfect health in Jesus name. Amen
    Quick recovery to every one sharing his experience. Glad we are alive to see Gods goodness. Smiles..

  21. melanie TOWNSEND
    melanie TOWNSEND says:

    I’m glad he is doing better and hope he has a full recovery but the father down the fracture the less hope of ever walking again and my sisters was only a C6/7 fracture and it has been 15 months since the accident and she has feeling everywhere and can set in a wheelchair too and can’t bend her fingers much either.

  22. Connie Lambert
    Connie Lambert says:

    August 31 st 2016 i got ill it started as what I thought was a pulled muscle I went to er gave me meds I went home a couple more trips after that being very sick My blood test showed my white cells where off the charts Advanced MRI showed I had spinal meningitis in my back. I was admitted to my local hospital and then lifefiligted to lousiana to a better hosptia where I had 2 back surgeries. Now Im paralized from waist down. I cant move my legs or feet I have muscle spasms I take baclofen and gabapentin and narco. It helps with the pains and spasms. I have some sensations in my legs when touched but only in my thighs its a tingly feeling. I dont have bowel or bladder control. My 15 year old daughter and husband take care of me. My daughter does my cathiers and changes and cleans me and does my physical therapy and range of motion. I lift 3 lbs weights various arm work outs. Dr says it could be 6 mths to a year before I get feeing back in my legs. Does anyone know of anything else I can do that Im not doing. I dont have insurance right now and Im waiting on medicaid and disability.

  23. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Annie, how’s your husband doing? Your situation sounds similar to my fathers. His happened January 3, 2017. We are trying to see how others have progressed to see what we can be hopeful for….

  24. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    My two year old daughter was in a car accident last October. We’ve been told that her injury level seems to be T12-L1. Which is a lower level than normal I understand and we just started physio.

  25. tonesha
    tonesha says:

    September 2nd i was shot in the neck and paralyzed from the hips down 17 years old with a 9 month year old baby my injury leavel is c-5 c-6 im out the hospital at home with my baby i still search and look for ways to get movement back i cry every night still struggling and scared to graduate and walk across the stage

  26. Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart says:

    My husband had a kidney transplant September 2016. He went home 10 days later and everything seemed fine. He woke up 3 days after getting home and could not walk…very scary. He is a lieutenant at a prison, very active. He could feel some touch but that is all. Upon further investigation the doctors determined he had a bruise on his spine. The collection of blood was stopping his nerves from sending the signal to walk. He stayed In the hospital for a month. He could not control his urine or bowels. After a month ur doctors taught us how to straight cathe and said he has to physical therapy twice a week. The day before we left the hospital he started to pee on his own (thank God). He left in a wheel chair. A week after he was in a wheelchair he went to a walker. He used that for about 3 weeks. He says he could feel tingling in his legs and regained feeling in his left leg at this time. He then used a cane for 4 weeks and one day I came from work and he wasn’t using anything. He went back to work in January 2017 on a modified. It is 6 months out and just yesterday his ankle started hurting on his right side (which he couldn’t feel) today his right knee started hurting. We believe this is a good sign since he couldn’t feel before. He is looking forward to being able to chase down inmates once more. I will keep you all updated. Thank u for the encouragement!!!

  27. Larbi
    Larbi says:

    My daughter had a spine infusion. Her reflexes and feelings has come back, however she steel not moving her legs. It is been 12 days sense hee surgery. Any have any idea what is going on with her . thanks.

  28. Nancy Tillerson
    Nancy Tillerson says:

    I am 77years old and my accident was a fall in Oct,.2016 which fractured the 2 top bones in my spine ( forget what they are called). I am so grateful that I was not paralyzed from there down. Momentarily I was. And it was frightening. For several days I could not move my arms and legs, nor wiggle my toes. I could not feed myself at all. Had to be Catherized and given help to use bowels. The surgery I was required to have included a plate in my skull, rods in my head, and many screws.

    I already had some numbness from neuropathy (not diabetic related), but I only had it in hands and feet. As time went on, my numbness increased,especially in my hands. My feet and hands became very cold cold. At night they felt they were in a bucket of ice, keeping me awake. They tingled in a very different way from the way neuropathy felt. And I still have little events of what I refer to as electric shocks…not painful… or buzzes, that run thru my hands, often. I don’t know how to explain how the numbness has changed, but it has progressed to where it has intensified in my finger tips and the palms feel as if I am holding something when I am not. I can’t hold onto things. Even when I am trying to really grab something, it slips through and feels as if I might have soaped up my hands. I still have cold hands and feet.

    I can’t write well enough to read it back. Since I can no longer move my head more than about an inch up, down, or side to side because of my neck surgery, I have to almost look down all the time, but I still cannot see all of my body. And I can’t see the face of the person I am taking to, unless she catches on and positions herself in front of me.

    I have little upper body strength. My arms are weak and my hands are also weak. And my arms are crazy sometimes. When I attempt to do something my arms seem to carry my hands in a direction not related to where I thought I had sent them.

    My arms seam to have shortened at least three or four inches, based on how far I can stretch them in a reach, especially UP. I am trying to help my husband in the kitchen, but I can’t reach things that I could just a few months ago, not to mention that I may drop it if I do reach it. I can’t walk, looking UP, and it is a strain on my neck when I walk to stretch my neck trying to see ahead. Can’t go anywhere alone because I can’t drive anymore. So my husband must use his
    time to go everywhere with me. Not to mention how I used to spontainiously just go somewhere (with me driving myself). I miss it.

    I almost feel guilty complaining to someone who cannot walk or is dealing with some of the many other limitations that many of you are.

    I am so grateful that I have had the loving support of family and friends. And I have had good insurance. I was able to have good pt and ot for several months. It was horrible but in a good way. I am convinced that my doctors fully expected me to end up as a bedridden “old” woman,(because of her age).

    I am most grateful that my pt and ot programs and the people who executed them had the wellfare of their patients always first and foremost in mind. The people who pushed me to try harder and made me accomplish far more than I could until I did it. Over and over, and over. I believe in God, but he helped through my exercises, and he had a lot to do with my progression. He did help me find the strength and energy that I didn’t have.

    I am so grateful that so many of my problems have gotten better. And those that I am adjusting to, having to accept until I overcome or they get better. I can move my body all over and am still learning to walk, with a walker, now, hoping to improve. I also hope the limitations I currently experience in my upper body will get better. But I am WALKING…..some….That is a big deal. And someday I will be able to write again, if I keep trying…..and. Painting…….Did I mention that I am an artist and I sure do want to be able to do that again????? I sure do miss it.

    I cant forget to be so indebted to a wonderfully gifted surgeon. There was a time when there was no way that surgery like mine could have given me the chance not to end up “an old woman, bedridden from a spinal injury”. ….

    And, thank you, God……I am almost pain free….. I have constant neck pain, which my surgeon told me to expect up to two years or longer. I have headaches at times. And I can’t brag about mornings. But other than neck pain, I usually feel better after being up awhile.



  29. Sierra O'Leary
    Sierra O'Leary says:

    I got into a skiing accident and burst my L1. I had to have surgery to take all of the broken bone shards out and have it replaced with a titanium cage. I could feel my legs before the surgery (and the day after) but it was the pins and needles feeling. I also had some movement. After surgery though, due to the huge amounts of swelling, I had a spinal infarction. In two places in my spinal cord. Around the T8 and L1 area. I lost all feeling and sensation in my legs because of that. It’s been a month since my accident, and I still don’t have feeling other than vibrations that go up and down my legs. I can flex my muscles the tiniest bit, like a little flutter, in my legs and butt. Because of the infarction, nobody knows what will happen to my legs. I might walk again, it’s a possibility… a small one, but we are all hoping I’ll gain back sensation and movement. I have my age on my side, at only 16 years old.


    I to am paralyzed. I severed my spinal cord at t3/t4 so from my boobs down i can not move or feel. But I to feel pain below the t3 n t4 area. I have a rod and screws and had a spinal fusion done from t1 to t9. A Pretty bad car accident left me with this injuries to my body. I have acquired H.O. (heterotopic ossifcation) in my hips and also had a flap surgery on a stage four pressure sore that came about from lying flat on my back for two straight weeks without a pillow under me and also not being turned every two hours while i was on the ventilator for two weeks. I now don’t have hardly any pain in my spinal cord anymore where the fusion was done but I do unfortunately feel horrendous pain in my lower back right above my butt and also literally in my butt checks as I lay in bed in a hospital bed with a good air mattress for my skin. Then when I’m in my wheelchair I have the same pain in those areas plus I have terrible pain in my hip and thighs from the extra bone growth (H.O.) that is occurring in my hips. It’s such a hard pain to explain but what I can not understand or grasp is WHY DO I FEEL ALL THIS PAIN IN THESE AREAS IF I CAN’T FEEL ANY TYPE OF TOUCHING IN THOSE SPOTS NOR CAN I MOVE THOSE PARTS OF MY BODY. I’m so confused cause I need all my pain medication for those parts of my body but my doctors look at me like I’m crazy cause like I said they say can you feel this… and they will touch my lower back or my thigh and I answer NO cause like I said I can not feel themore touching the outside of my body but damn it is can feel the pain going on inside those spots.

  31. Dylan Hamby
    Dylan Hamby says:

    My accident was august 18th, 2016. I fractured my neck in the c1-c2 area and i have a t3 complete injury. I have no feeling from the chest-down. I was 16 and had a future in basketball. My brother was 18 and we played basketball everyday, i was a very energetic person. My brother, our friend, and i went out to eat that day and then had to stop at wal-mart for our mother after we got done eating. It was about 9:00 at night when we left wal-mart, it was raining really bad and i can’t remember anything that happened after we left wal-mart. The only thing i remember was waking up in the backseat and seeing my brother dead in the driver seat, i then used his seat to pull myself up and tried to wake him up but it didn’t work. I could hear the people trying to get us out the car and then it was like i passed back out until i woke up in the hospital. I was told that we were doing 65 and struck a tree not even 2 minutes from our house. My brother broke his neck and had many other severe injurys, our friend made it out without a scratch thankfully. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it to my brothers funeral because of the condition i was in. My brother was 18 and my bestfriend. my siblings and I have always been close. I’m now 17 and Its been 9 months since that tragic night. I still have no feeling or movement from the chest-down but i still have faith and pray everyday that i will walk again. I go and visit the tree that took my brothers life and my ability to walk everyday, considering it was not even a mile from my house. We hung a cross on the tree with pictures of him and writing all over it. 8/18/16 was a very good day… It just didn’t end that well.

  32. Ankita
    Ankita says:

    My father met with an accident on 19th April’17, he has spinal injury, his backbone was totally broken. Now he is paralyzed and has paraplegia. He has movement in his legs but don’t feel anything like he doesn’t have sensation in lower part of the body. But his legs moves anytime and it pains in his side stomach. I wanted to know what it is about. As he is not feeling anything but his legs moves automatically.

  33. Katie
    Katie says:

    This past February I was involved in an accident. I fell 15-20 ft. from a tree. I ended up literally snapping my spine in half severing my spinal cord at the T-6 level. I also broke several ribs, fractured my sternum, had a partially collapsed lung, and slightly scratched either my spleen or heart. I was life flighted to the Houston med center where I underwent a spinal fusion surgery from T-3 to T-10. I now have 2 steel rods and 12 screws in my back. This all happened 5 days before my regional powerlifting meet and 2 weeks before college cheer tryouts. I am classified as ASIA A complete spinal cord injury. But, I have regained a lot of movement in my abs and back muscles. I also have intense tingling all through my legs and sometimes a burning feeling in my feet. I thought my life was over at 17 years old. This small movement I have regained has given me hope otherwise. I know there is hope for everyone with a spinal cord injury. Anything is possible.

  34. Travis
    Travis says:

    My injury happened on January 8 2017, I had a disk in my neck ruptured towards my spinal cord and had fusion on c2 to c3, doctor after surgery told my family I was going to be paralyzed from the neck down, when I woke up I was wondering why everyone was looking at me, my father was next to me and my wife and when the saw me move my legs the stared crying which until they told me what happened I didn’t understand, after a tuff week in the spinal cord rehabilitation unit at the hospital they released me to go home, I could move my legs and arms fine but didn’t have any feeling from mid chest down as far as heat and cold and pressure, 3 months later I started getting feeling back and it hasn’t been fun, I have server burning in my feet, legs, and lower back the doctor has me taking 250mg of lyrica 3 times a day and 50mg 4 times a day of nucyinta, it dulled the pain slightly but I’m still in pain constantly, I’m just wondering if anyone else is going through this and have any other treatments that I may try

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