Finally! An Indoor/Outdoor Trackchair

A Tank Chair to Take Home to Mom

Brand new tankchair technology from NANO-WEB – Nano Optonics Energy – recently showed their UNiMO, a caterpillar-tracked all-terrain wheelchair at the International

Robotics Exhibition in Toyko, and holy cow you guys – these folks have finally made what I’ve been dreaming about – a trackchair you can take inside.

Yes, I’ve been dreaming about it for awhile now; the perfect tankchair.

Before the UNiMO, there were no indoor options when it came to the tankchairs that were available. You had the “Tankchair,” a massive beast only meant for the outdoors, the Zeisel, a snow trackchair, as well as another outdoor tankchair made by a company in Minnesota. None of these would let you go safely inside, unless you were OK with ruining your carpet. Those tracks were not meant for fancy flooring.

But finally, thanks to Nano Optonics Energy, they’ve made a viable option for those who want to take their tankchairs inside. And you can purchase their Unimo Grace for $18,000, which is now available for sale. However, at the end of the month they’ll be debuting their more inexpensive model for only $10,000, the UNiMO Sport.

Both of these chairs contain a very awesome feature – a 400 W drivetrain designated E-001; the amazing track and motor that makes this indoor/outdoor chair go. The wheelchair is also about the same size as an average powerchair, which can’t be said about the other tankchair makers. This is why this particular tankchair is so appealing – it won’t even hit your door jams because it’s so narrow.

And don’t forget all the awesome places a wheelchair with tracks can go – through the sand, through the snow (even over it), rough terrain, steep hills, curbs and much, much more. There is no other wheelchair out there that can do what tankchairs do.

But the drawback to these wheelchairs before the UNiMO was that you had to transfer into your regular wheelchair before going inside. While this may work at home, it sure doesn’t work when you’re out and about or travel. Bring two wheelchairs? No way. No…an easier way has to be found, and it was. Patience is key.

I think the most exciting thing about this new indoor trackchair however is that it’s inexpensive, and can go both inside and out, making it a steal for the price. If you live in the country alone and can’t transfer yourself independently, this chair might even be a requirement. Yes, that’s how much this wheelchair can change our lives.

I love seeing wheelchair technology continually get better, and the UNiMO shows the most promise in the world of track chairs and trying to return our mobility.

Would you use a tankchair?

– Read more about the UNimo: The UNiMO continuous-track electric adventure wheelchair

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