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Are Completely Customizable Wheelchairs the Next Big Thing?

Everybody dreams of being able to customize their car, but wheelchair customization really hasn’t become as “cool” as it could be. Sure, we get color options and a few expensive add-ons, but full aesthetic customization has never been available to us before, which when you think about it is rather strange because a wheelchair is something you’re in 24/7 when you really need one.

That’s why I’m so excited about the changes I’m seeing in the industry. The recent company that’s tickled me pink is Marie’s Dress-up Wheelchair, a business started by a woman in Houston, Texas who was temporarily paralyzed. She’s creating dozens of accessories for wheelchair-users that she’d love to see available for sale; easy things a wheelchair-user can add to their wheelchair for a little flair.

And she’s creating accessories for all ages – fun crazy add-ons for kids, princess costumes and flashing lights, to fashionable add-ons for the ladies. I’ve seen armrest covers before at the Abilities Expo, even cool Manual wheelchair covers with art, and never have I seen a full line like this. She’s setting out to do something no one has done before.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a website yet, but a local news channel did a story on her and her company, showing sketches of her designs. You can watch the clip here

When it comes to full body customization of the wheelchair, that is not available yet. Orange County choppers has done some cool stuff, creating a chrome body on a power wheelchair for one of their episodes. There’s also a really genius tinkerer, Lance Greathouse, who’s made it his mission to bring insane bigger than life wheelchairs to life. Check out some of his wheelchairs

He was actually “this close” to landing his own reality show, but unfortunately producers didn’t think a show all about customized wheelchairs would be a successful. I of course think otherwise. This guy puts rocket launchers on wheelchairs. If that doesn’t bring in ratings, I don’t know what does.

And then you can always do what a lot of people do – homemade customization. Maybe you can find someone on Craigslist to help you out with your customization dreams or maybe you have a really talented friend. Whatever you do, DO customize your wheelchair; especially if you haven’t yet.

Just like life is too short, stay awake for it, and life is also way too short to spend it in a wheelchair that doesn’t look cool.

How have you customized your wheelchair?

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