Celebrating July 4th as a wheelchair user

Dress Your Wheelchair Up for the 4th of July

Who doesn’t love the 4th of July? It’s our country’s birthday and is a fun-filled day filled with games, parades, yummy food and fireworks. To celebrate, people will wave flags and hang up red white and blue decorations. Kids will even decorate their bikes, and if you use a wheelchair you can do the same thing. Whether you want to add streamers or star spangled cardboard cutouts to your wheels, here are some easy ways to dress up your ride for the 4th of July!

Fringe on the Push Handles: You can add plastic fringe to your push handles in the official colors of the 4th of July – red, white and blue. This looks cool and will flutter in the wind even when your chair isn’t moving. You can either buy bike fringe at stores like Wal-Mart or Target or you can make it using tape and cut-up tissue in strips. Adding streamers to your push handles and wheels is another really cool way to jazz up your chair.

Star Wheel Cut-Outs: If you use a manual wheelchair, you can have a lot of fun decorating your wheels. Get colored poster board and cut out some stars (make sure they’re big; about 4 to 5 inch wide). After you cut them out, try adding silver star stickers or gluing red, white or blue glitter to them so they pop. To get the stars on your chair, fold and tape them around the spokes of the wheels and they should stay put.

Add Flags and Stripes: Putting a flag on your wheelchair is another super easy way to dress up your chair for the 4th. Tape a miniature flag to your armrest or a larger flag anywhere on the chair that it will fit. These look great in the wind too. You can also cut out stars and stripes and glue/tape them on your chair (wherever they will be seen the most).

Have a great 4th of July and have fun being patriotic with your chair! And remember to always be careful around fireworks once the sun goes down.

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What cool 4th of July decoration ideas do you have?

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Czap

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    Medical Equipment Fan says:

    This is a great idea for all ages using a wheelchair! This makes a great way to uplift spirits and you can decorate a wheelchair for an holiday (birthday, Christmas, Halloween and more)! Great post!

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