Best EasyStand Blog Posts of 2011

Top EasyStand Blog Posts Of 2011

Happy New Year from everyone here at Altimate Medical! Yet another year has come and gone. In 2011 the EasyStand Blog hit an important milestone, our 400th blog was posted! A big “Thank You” to our talented group of blog contributors who made this exciting accomplishment possible! We are looking forward to hitting the 500 mark in 2012! We had so many great posts this year but some just had that little extra sparkle! So without further ado here are my “Top 10” best blog post picks for the EasyStand Blog and the Capable Kids Clubhouse (listed by publication date).

EasyStand Blog:
Not a Candidate for Standing? Think Again. by Andy Hicks
Funding-Making Your Own Luck by Nancy Perlich
Becoming Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2011 by Jenni Taylor
A Step By Step Quest To Declare My Independence by Shawn Dean
A Day At Work With Chelsey by Mark Haen
When The Easy Things Are Hard by Tiff Carlson
We Are Teachers…Whether You Like It Or Not! by Scott Chesney
Traveling – An Adventure Worth Taking by Jenni Taylor
Your Wheelchair: The Best Halloween Accessory by Tiff Carlson
Explaining Spinal Cord Injury to Kids by Shawn Dean

Capable Kids Clubhouse:
Complete Guide to Special Needs/Educational Apps by Dawn Villarreal
On The Move – A Mobile Stander at School by Stephenie Labandz
20 Kid-Friendly Activities do to in a Mobile Stander! by Bryanne Freitag
Hey Sport! Get in the Game with Simple Adaptations by Stephenie Labandz
Ode to the Shadow Tray by Stephenie Labandz
Coaching Kids With Disabilities by Scott Chesney
Leaving The Wheelchair Behind by Bryanne Freitag
Disabling the Enabler by Scott Chesney
Need A Lift? by Stephenie Labandz
Turkey Apples – Thanksgiving Activity by Allison Larsen

Wishing you all a wonderful 2012!

What are some of your favorite EasyStand posts from 2011?

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